Plodding Along

I’ve been working on cleaning and projects the past few weeks.  Some days are more successful than others, but overall progress is being made.  Last week I got the long pole out and washed the siding on two sides of the house.  I was so sore the next day that very little got done.  I love how the siding looks after it’s been washed.  It’s a satisfying chore, and since I haven’t done it for a few years, it was all the more satisfying.  I use a pole rather than a power washer because the siding was pretty dirty when we bought the house, and we didn’t have much money for extras at the time.  The down payment took our savings pretty low and other purchases were more pressing.  The cost of the pole fit the budget.  The cleaning attachment is falling apart at the squeegee, however, and I haven’t started the windows yet.  We’ll have to see if I can fix it enough to get the second story windows clean.

At the beginning of the summer, my girls found knit dresses on clearance for $4.50 each, but they were a bit too short.  We got some fabric to add ruffles to the hemline, I washed the fabric, and there the project stopped until this weekend.  On Saturday I got DD2’s dress finished, and finished DD1’s this morning.  That feels good.  It’s been tough for me to stay out of JoAnn Fabrics, and I got really excited when I needed to get thread Saturday.  I was happy to know that my address got scanned to keep me on the mailing list, too.  I love window shopping, and the problem comes in when I find an awesome deal and put the item away for a future project.  I need to keep chipping away at the existing stack of projects until it’s gone or very nearly gone before I find that next awesome deal.

We had our second family cleaning time and our son seemed to get into it.  He didn’t complain, and the floor of his room is actually cleaner now than when he started, even though his focus was on his closet.  Hopefully this weekly routine will help him to get his room in order.  DD2 was not so happy about it, but did manage to change her sheets.  I think that’s where it stopped, but I’m not saying anything to her yet.  It could be different next week.  We’ll see if a pattern develops first.

While we’re not making it a goal to purge the house, it has been good to look at things with a sterner eye and clear some things out.  We’ve had some garage sales in the past, donated items here and there, passed clothing on to other families who could use it, etc., but items still accumulate.  In our first few years of marriage we moved often, and moving always led to getting rid of things on both ends of the move.

I’m hoping to get my younger two to go through their belongings with an honest eye.  We’ve offered to pack beloved but outgrown items away for them.  They don’t have to throw out things that are important to them, but I’d like them to think honestly about what is and is not important.  I think if they do this, they’ll surprise themselves.  (Knowing that my seventeen year old still has My Pretty Ponies which haven’t been touched in years.)

Right now I’m just working to keep the momentum.  Each project finished or task completed adds to the accomplishment, and there’s a big picture goal to keep in front of me.



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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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