The Versatile Cookie Cutter

Recently I took my annual mother/eldest daughter trip downtown.  This summer tradition began years ago and is something we look forward to.  Our downtown area isn’t large (neither is our town), but it has some interesting shops.  One of our stops is always into a local kitchen shop.  We look at pretty much everything, and while looking I spied a hummingbird cookie cutter.  Now, I bake enough to know that this is not a wonderful shape to actually use for cookies.  The long beak will break off.  My mother taught me that cookie cutters are for much more, however.

What are they for if not for cookies?  Mom uses them as patterns for quilting.  She made a quilt for my son with dolphin fabric and used a cookie cutter to quilt dolphins on the solid blue fabric.

Use them for outlines for crafting or to help the kids make special greeting cards.  Use them for other baking cut outs.  My kids love when I use them for biscuits.  I usually go for the simpler outlines on biscuits as they puff up and won’t keep the same detail as a sugar cookie.

Of course, once I found the hummingbird I kept looking.  I snagged a simple polar bear that will be added to our Christmas cookies.  It’s a stretch, but he’s cute.  Then I saw it.  The hippo (don’t make me spell the whole word!).  At first, I wondered who would want a hippo in their cookies.  Then a song popped in my head.  (My husband teases that I have  a song for everything.)

The kids and I love the “I Want a Hippo. for Christmas” song, and suddenly I knew I had to add a hippo cookie into the Christmas mix.  My oldest started laughing.  She’ll keep this a surprise.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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