An Ending and Other Stuff

4H is almost over for DD2.  All that is left is picking up her fair projects Sunday morning and letting the group leader and sewing teachers know.  DD2 decided that after six years, she was ready to be finished.  She’s a senior this coming school year and also hopes to get a job with a vet clinic.  She doesn’t want to have to ask for time off for the meetings or the fair obligations.

I know that is the right decision for her.  This past week has seen her do more crafting than I’ve seen in the past six months.  Her joy is back, and that’s the main point to most things in life.  She’s learned tons about sewing and gotten a start on knitting and crocheting through 4H.  She even taught her siblings how to knit.  This last week saw her pull out her quilling (paper curling, to put it very simply), knitting, smocking (a form of embroidery), wool felting (a kit she received two Christmases ago), and painting.  Whew!

We’re not telling the leaders until after the fair as there is enough on their minds right now.

Today I took the kiddos for hair cuts.  DS was shaggy before we left for vacation.  He never likes his hair after it’s cut and often wears a ball cap for a few days, but today he’s actually okay with it.  Of course the girl who cut his hair is done at the end of the week.  We took pictures from every side to work from next time.  He doesn’t really know how to describe what he’s looking for and hasn’t found a picture to show it.  We went through tons of pictures trying to find something close, but if this works, great!

I think I’m finished going through the kid’s clothes now.  I pulled several pair of socks with holes out of DD2’s drawer.  She gets attached to her clothing and has a really hard time seeing things leave.  She’s got quite a few socks, so she got one new pair for each two thrown out.  She had chosen the new socks already and we have a couple more pair waiting in the wings.  Two old pair of socks are on deathwatch.  I didn’t want to shock her system too badly!

The end of summer is quickly approaching and there are coupons to be used from the library reading program.  I hope we can fit them in.

Home school planning needs to be done.

The house needs a thorough cleaning – still.  That’s pretty much a perpetual thing.

Sewing needs to be looked after.  Still.

Sigh.  Oh well.  We’ll just keep moving and see what happens.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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