Back to School Shopping…Ugh

I’m tired and a bit overwhelmed at the receipt totals.  Others would look at those same receipts and wonder why I see anything awful in them, but I look at them and wonder how so many people get by today.  Perhaps they don’t – they just live in debt.

My kids have been raised to gladly accept looking through the clearance areas first.  We have a regional chain that almost every year has had a good selection of tennis shoes in the clearance aisle.  My kids see the original prices and their eyes get really big.  I just point out that’s why we shop the way we do.  Even with clearance and sales, it’s been a bit of sticker shock.

The kids don’t get new clothes and shoes simply because it’s a new school year.  We usually shop this time of year because of sales and to try to make sure things fit all school year.

This year my son grew four inches and needed all new jeans.  We had been buying his jeans at WalMart (low cost, didn’t hurt as much that his size changes so often).  But no 30×34 jeans were to be found and we had to look elsewhere.  The difference in price hurt but could have been much worse.

The kids all have worn out shoes by this time of year (DD1 has a large hole in the side of her shoes that I hadn’t seen before vacation), and thankfully two of the three found new ones for at least half price, if not a bit lower.  It’s really helpful that my kiddos don’t look for particular labels unless it’s because a certain brand fits them well.

My girls are 5ft 9in and 5ft 10 inches tall.  They can’t just buy jeans any old place anymore and have them be long enough.  It would be great if more places offered varying inseams for girls, but for now you just have to go to the pricier retailers.  I bit the bullet and bought Land’s End jeans for my oldest.  I’ve had their jeans in the past and they are of good quality.  Thankfully they had a fit for her on clearance, but it was still $30 a pair.  Here’s hoping they last a few years.

I could shop the thrift stores and reduce my bills further.  Frugality, however, does not always mean taking the cheapest option.  Some people find great deals at the thrift store and I applaud them.  Some even find items with the tags still on them.  It takes frequent searching to find those special deals, however, and my two youngest would rather be home than shopping 99.9% of the time.

I guess I just think about how much the costs all add up, even with most items being half price, and wonder how other families do it.  I think about how much worse the total bills would be if we shopped like so many other families around us, and it overwhelms me.

I’ll just have to be thankful that my kids aren’t addicted to brand names or trends, and don’t care if their items were full price or discounted.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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