La Quinta: That Was a New One

While on vacation, we spent a couple of days in Connecticut.  The state was a new experience, but the hotel where we stayed will live in our memories forever.  We stayed in a LaQuinta for the first time.

My mantra was: It’s very clean.  And it was.

Our room reservation was not as expected, but we worked through that.  Then we went to use the bathroom and there is only one hand towel.  Not several bath towels with wash cloths to match and one hand towel.  One hand towel was the total number of towels given to us.  I literally was swiping towels off of the housekeeping carts as they got clean ones.  Yes, they were still cleaning rooms at 8pm… two of the three nights we were there.

I also had to swipe soap.  We had no soap of any sort when we checked in.  Why did I feel the need to swipe soap and towels rather than just ask for them?  I did ask before we went to dinner.  We still didn’t have them when we came back from dinner.

Night number two.  We returned from a day spent sight seeing, tired and arms full to find that the room keys don’t work.  I took the two keys to the front desk to have it fixed.  No one was there.  The desk clerk could easily be doing something, so I hung out.  After a couple of minutes, I started to click the plastic keys together to make noise and nicely alert the clerk to my presence.  No response.  I made the doors open, thinking the noise may get the clerk’s attention.  Nope.  I wandered around the lobby, breakfast area, pool, etc. looking for the clerk.  No one.

I started to call, politely at first, “Is anyone working the front desk?”  Still no response.  I’m tempted to go behind the desk and see if anyone is in the back of the office.  I call louder, then louder still.  I go bang hard on the office door and start to scream quite loudly for help.  I’m feeling foolish, but DH is texting to find out what’s taking so long and I’ve been here about ten minutes already.  Finally, a long haired clerk (dark and straight, if you happen to see her) comes out from the back office rubbing her eyes and telling me that I really need to pound on the door so I can be heard over the washing machines, and muttering that she was the only one on duty.

I wish I had gone behind the counter and gotten a picture of her napping, which she obviously had been doing.

She fixes the keys and tells me not to keep it by credit cards ( the key had spent the day in my pocket far away from phone and credit cards).  I take the keys upstairs and they don’t work.

DH takes the keys back down to the desk and she’s gone again and the phone is ringing off the hook.  He found her outside talking to the driver of the casino shuttle bus.

The kids went swimming and although they were the only ones in the pool each night, we had to ask for pool towels each time.  They only brought four each time they were requested.

The breakfast buffet the first morning was being stocked by the desk clerk.  I’m using the term “stocked” loosely as there was almost no food.  I went out to the car and grabbed our emergency Pop Tarts.  Thank Heaven we had them!  I couldn’t even get a glass of juice.

The room keys had to be re-coded our third night there as well, and the long haired clerk was still a chatty flake whenever we happened to see her.

I’ve never had to yell in a hotel lobby to get a desk clerk before, and then be told that I had to “really pound on the door” so she could hear me.

We’ll be laughing about the napping clerk forever, but will probably never stay in a LaQuinta again.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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