Recovering from Vacation

This is day two after returning from a twelve day trip.  The trip began with an absolute delight: a black bear tore across the highway in front of us (and created no accident).  That’s never happened to us or to anyone we know.  The vacation began in  New York City, then Connecticut, then Rhode Island.  We had a good time, but I could have come home sooner than we did.

I need to start with saying this: I’ve heard many times over how rude New Yorkers are.  Don’t believe it.  Both New Yorkers and the people of New Jersey (where we stayed for monetary reasons) are friendly and helpful.  Drivers are a bit nuts, but that’s why you take mass transit.

New York City included a lot of tourist stuff and some tv fan stuff.  We went to Mood (for me) and the kids scratched Swatch’s belly as he slept and snored (Project Runway’s fabric source).  We went to Kleinfeld (Say Yes to the Dress) where my oldest was treated as if a bride already.  You can’t go on the sales floor without having an appointment, but you can see a few other areas, and you can peep in from the lobby.  My son wanted a picture of Carlo’s Bake Shop (Cake Boss) to tease his home ec. teacher, so we stood him one better and purchased dessert.  Then we took his picture inside the bakery and saved the box, string, and bag that our purchase came in for him to give his teacher.

Can I just say that thinking about our three days there still can make my feet hurt?  DH was keeping track of steps and mileage and told us that we walked nine miles the first day and ten miles the second.  That’s even with a couple of subway rides.  I chose to sit down whenever possible.  DD1 and DS sat with me while DH and DD2 went in the World Trade Center.  We fed pigeons and DS had a ball naming them and trying to figure out how to take one home.  I will say that when you really take time to look at them, they’re pretty.  I never knew how many varieties of coloration these birds have.  The 911 Memorial area was a great spot for us to rest/wait and there was even a drinking fountain station.

The Connecticut/Rhode Island portion of the trip slowed down a bit.  Thank Heaven!  We were able to sleep in a little and walk less.  Now I’m infinitely thankful to be home.  We all have our own beds with no kids whispering their disputes in the bed next to us – DD2 actually chose to sleep in the large closet we had our last night on the road, just to be somewhat alone.  We are all thoroughly tired of french fries.  I love not having to cook dinner, but eating out becomes old quickly.  The week after a trip, I always try to cook things you can’t/rarely find in the restaurants, or things that are just particular to our family.  I even appreciate being able to do laundry without quarters again.

Now it’s back to real life.  Appointments galore next week, the fair soon after.  Getting DD1 ready for college in the fall.  Home school plans.  Nothing major.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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