Various Updates

DD1 got her IB and AP test results.  She got her IB degree and is ecstatic about it.  Her scores on everything were high enough to gain college credits, but it only gets her out of two classes.  The English class she tested out of is required for her major, the history class she tested out of is required for her minor.  The language class she both tested out of and placed out of (campus placement test), but she still needs four semesters of language, no matter where she starts.  It’s a bit defeating, considering all of the extra work she did these past two years.  There were many many nights when we only saw her long enough for dinner, then heard the faint “‘Night!” from her room later on.  It’s a lot of family time lost to gain two classes.

My oldest and youngest had dental cleanings today and both got reports of improvement.  That’s huge!  All of my kids have sensory issues, and as a result they all have troubles with brushing.  I relate deeply with them.  It took years for me to be able to put the toothpaste in my mouth.  Most people don’t think twice about it, but thinking about ever having to change what I currently use brings me close to throwing up.  I sympathize with my children and rejoice when they hear positive news from the dentist’s office.

DD1 got the news that it’s time to address the wisdom teeth, and that it will probably be Christmas break when they come out.  It’s a little frustrating that I asked about this six months ago, wanting to get the procedure done in the summer, but I’m fresh out of “Way Back” machines, so we’ll have to make the best of it.

I haven’t been able to get DD2 to go out driving yet.  She lasted 5 minutes in a parking lot about a month ago before she was crying.  I don’t want to push her too hard, but she won’t overcome her fear without getting behind the wheel.  This is one of those situations where pushing too hard is a safety issue – both to her and to others on the road.  DH is losing patience.  I’m not sure how to move her forward with this one.  She likes the idea of being able to go to the library by herself, but it’s not enough motivation to outweigh the anxiety.

Home school planning is progressing.  I’ve got one more book coming for physics, but have been working on the other subjects.  I will be ready to give up the extra work involved, but am thankful that I have been able to home school DD2.  The veterinary program last year was beneficial in so many ways, but the first couple of months were filled with anxiety and I was steeling myself to get the phone call that suggested this wasn’t a good fit for my daughter.

For all of the critics who told me I was doing my daughter a disservice by home schooling her, I just have to keep in mind that they never saw what I saw.  They didn’t see the daily struggles she had when she was in public school.  They didn’t see how hard last year was for her – with her strongest subject.  I don’t know if she’ll ever be comfortable with the idea of continuing her education after high school.  Some people may not understand, but they don’t have to.  She will always be living with Sensory Processing Disorder, and she will need to find out how she will do that and be happy.

My son is not happy that beginning this fall I expect him to wear a tie to church.  Our JCPenney’s is closing and we went shopping for ties and a couple of shirts and the attitude was not wonderful.  He picked out one and I got him a black tie.  We ended up going back with DH (stocking up for work), and my son was bribed with good attitude while shopping = only wearing the tie for morning services for next year.  Maybe it helped that I told him girls appreciate it when guys look sharp.  I shouldn’t dangle that carrot when he’s too young to date, but he’s not too young to notice the young ladies, hopefully in a respectful way.

Can I just say that the price of ties is outrageous?  The five ties we bought would have cost nearly $200 full price.  Thank Heaven we scooped them up for about $10 each!  I wouldn’t have purchased five if it weren’t the best price we’re ever likely to see.

We leave for vacation in a couple of days and are surprisingly under planned.  We aren’t getting a rental this year as we won’t be in one central spot, so I didn’t have to plan food.  We’re taking snacks, water, and some pop to help with the food bills, but that’s it.  We know generally what we’re doing, but don’t have the daily plan that DH usually draws out.  I’m okay with it, thinking it might actually be more fun to decide what grouping of things we do each day as it comes, and have room for spontaneous things.  I’m a type A person, but not in every aspect of life.  DH is type A squared.

Apparently we’re freaks of nature because while the first portion of our trip is in New York City, we aren’t going to a show, a ball game, or fancy restaurants.  We live in a bit of a money town, but are from rural areas.  We’re going to the Statue of Liberty, but didn’t know you had to reserve tickets months in advance if you actually want to go up into it.  That’s okay.  The boat ride out books up as well, but we’re staying in New Jersey, and that ferry was wide open for tickets.  We’ll also see my cousin one night.  He’s lived there for at least thirty years and is an architect.  I get the feeling it’s a bit tight for him to meet us right now (busy at work), but that makes it all the more special that he’s taking time for us.

Right now we’re trying to pack without letting the cat see the suitcases.  She’s sixteen and does not take it well when we leave.  Our bed will be covered with her fur when we get back.

Summer is more than half over and it feels as if I’ve barely gotten anything accomplished.  It’ll be okay.  We’re going to see the ocean soon, and the crash of waves makes lots of things better.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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