Chipmunks on the Grill

Don’t worry – no chipmunks were actually grilled.  They just tried to be.

I opened the grill to light it.  I’m ready to push the button.  Then something catches my eye.  Two naked rodent babies in the corner of the grill, surrounded by drier lint and other stuff.  Really?????  I just used the grill a couple of days ago!

DH looked and we concluded that the babies are chipmunks as they are too big to be newborn mice or rats, and a chipmunk was somewhat close by.  There’s also been a chipmunk hanging way too close to the garage.  I’m worried that it will come in one of these days.

One of the babies wasn’t breathing.  Who knows if the other will live.  Might be a first time mom.  Either way, it looks like the chipper dipper will need to be set up soon.


About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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