There’s Always a Lesson to Learn

Our area is just starting to have flood waters recede and I felt completely helpless as my mother in law became flooded into her home.  She didn’t want to leave her home as she wanted to know what was happening.  Friday morning she was headed to the store for errands and ended up going home empty handed as the roads to the store were flooded.  As the day marched on she watched flood water creep toward her home, filling the street, coming up the yard, and finally entering the garage.  Fortunately, that’s as far as the water came, but she was stuck at home at that point and we could not get all the way to her if she had needed us.

Our home remained dry as we sit on the highest area in town – far away from the multiple rivers.  I can think of three rivers and another body of water that is at least a creek, if not a full river.

So what did we learn?

Winter boots are not enough to have in the closet.  I’m going to buy a pair of rain boots.  We didn’t need them this time, but if we had needed to get to Mom, they would have been useful – and a whole lot better than strapping on a pair of garbage bags.

DH just ordered a sensor for water in the basement that alerts the cell phone.  Our pastor was away when the water fell and came home to four feet of water in his basement.  Even if we had to travel home, we’d likely be able to gain time with the sensor’s warning and maybe even get home in time to save items.

We could use a pump of some kind.  Our basement doesn’t have a good place for a sump pump, but a general purpose pump would help, and there are other things we could use it for.  Having a pump would also mean that we’d have one to help Mom with, once the road opened.  She doesn’t have a basement, but does have a crawl space which could use some emptying.

It’s a good thing that MIL and I both keep our kitchen and other supplies well stocked.  I couldn’t get to the store either, which meant no Friday refill of milk in the fridge.  That’s okay – we still have some and could probably get another full day out of the last jug.  I just like to keep things full, and this is not the first time I’ve been thankful for that habit.  Snowstorms have kept us home at times as well.

There will be other things that we think of as time passes.  You don’t have to have an event like this directly hit your home to learn from it.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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