The First Graduation

My oldest has now graduated from high school.  On Friday she turned 18, got her driver’s license, and graduated.  On Saturday she had her open house.  On Sunday she had her church graduation service.  She was completely done with it all when the service was over.  Who could blame her?

We had so much food left over.  Part of it was that I didn’t gauge the produce well, and part of it was that people were going to several open houses that day and weren’t eating much.  We were the third stop for many, with others planned to visit after ours.  Pastor went to seven!  Family who helped clean up took some home, then we tried calling food banks, but no one was answering phones.  So – Sunday I took produce back in to church and found families who could use it.  We bought it for friends and family anyway, right?  DH took a pan of sugar cookie bars in to work yesterday and they ate two-thirds of the pan.  The rest is hitting the garbage.

It was a little defeating to see the homemade rolls and cookie bars that were untouched, thinking of the time and energy I’d spent on them.  Oh well.  We have another graduate next year and I’ll scale back.  I was raised by a Mom who bakes, and feel that home baked items convey a little extra love to those you share them with, which is why I found it important to invest the time.

My sensory child did pretty well with all of the shake up.  She took a book to the open house with plans and permission to sneak off as needed, but she ended up at DD1’s table of school friends and had a marvelous time.  By Sunday night, she was just as done up as DD1, but she came through everything better than she expected to.  We’ve promised her that we won’t schedule her open house for the same weekend at the church graduation service next year.

My son was a rock star at the open house.  He worked his behind off pouring drinks and keeping things full.  He didn’t even know that there was a possibility of earning some cash, he just knew I needed him to help.

Summer is almost here!  I’m the odd parent out who loves when school gets out.  I love the lack of schedule.  Today was the last day to drive DD2 to her veterinary class, and I am greatly looking forward to staying home!  I have mounds of sewing to do, home school to plan, cleaning inside and out, weeds to eradicate, and I’d love to fit in some time to make beaded jewelry.  I also have to help DD2 with driving practice.  That’s not one I look forward to, but it must be done.  She has mixed emotions.  She wants the freedom, but is nervous about the actual driving.

DD1 and I also have a children’s book to write.  We changed the story that we’re going to do.  We’re going to write up a story based on a fiction which my husband and I devised years ago and passed on to the kiddos.   They actually swallowed the story hook, line, and sinker, and DD1 loved the idea of using this story instead of our original plan.  Now I need to turn a small bit of fiction that takes about a paragraph to relate into a whole book.  Add that to the list for summer.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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