Busy but Good

This past weekend was the state competition for DD2, testing in medical terminology.  She didn’t place, but was okay with that.  It was good for my sensory-anxiety bundle to have a chaotic weekend filled with independence and to survive it.  She was awfully nervous while waiting to have her luggage checked to board the bus at the front end of the trip.  Of course, the kids were supervised and Mom and I stayed about ten minutes away, popping in to cheer her on a couple of times, but it was the most independent she’s ever been.

Last night was the top ten percent award banquet for DD1.  We knew the food wasn’t likely to be wonderful, but didn’t know we’d be fighting to get water.  We were at the end of the table and the rest of the people seemed to ignore our existence.  They’d all had at least three glasses of water to our zero, so when a pitcher was finally placed within reach I grabbed it and filled our glasses.  I had gotten my husband and daughter’s glasses filled and when I reached for my own I saw my neighbor set his glass down.  He had been ready to pounce.  It’s given us something to laugh about:  $12.00 each, and we can barely get a glass of water?  Butter came somewhat close, so DH quickly asked for it.  Salt and pepper never came.  When I turned around for a drink after the speech, my glass was gone.  DH pointed out that only ours had been cleared.  Every one else at our table and all other tables still had their glasses.  Too funny!

Tonight is an award program for DD2.  This is the school sending her to the veterinary class, so she knows almost no one.  I’ll be sure to point this out to someone in charge in case they have to line up alphabetically.  At least this school knows teens – they’re serving pizza afterward.

Tomorrow morning is the honor roll award program for DD1.  I’ll have to drop DD2 off then quickly get on the highway and come back to the high school.  I’ll be squeaking in, but should be in time for the start of the program.  This is a boring, somewhat ridiculous ceremony as they honor a third of the class, but it’s still my daughter’s ridiculous ceremony.

DD2 has an award assembly at the school with the vet class on Thursday, but they don’t know who’s getting awards.  They all are to be dressed up.

Tomorrow DD2’s class is headed to a dairy farm.  They will have the opportunity to feel a calf in mom’s belly.  If you don’t know how they do that: they will put on a protective sleeve and reach in through the anus.  DD2 isn’t sure if she’ll take the opportunity or not, but I’ve encouraged her to.  The teacher has told them that anyone who doesn’t feel the baby usually regrets it as soon as they get on the bus to leave.

I’ll feel a lot better tomorrow afternoon!

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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