Could I BE any more tired?

Resurrection Day is over and chocolate is purchased for next year.  I’ve learned what will or will not last a year – soft centered things do not!  Some things are purchased after closer holidays, but the chocolate bunnies and crosses are only out now.  I couldn’t get the bunnies that I usually put in the baskets, and my kids like routine, so I’ll wait and get them next spring.

I had hoped to make the pants for DD2 this past weekend, but DH had other plans.  Friday we went to a park a couple of hours from us.  He wanted to get some photography in and it gave DD1 a chance to log some much needed night time driving.  (We’re so close to finishing and testing for the license!)  The park didn’t have it’s several mile drive open for the season, so we had to walk.  We were told it’s a mile and a half each way to the spot he had in mind.  I don’t think that was accurate.  We were on the paved road, constant incline, and my costo chondritis(sp?) acted up.  If I didn’t know what it was, I would have thought it was a heart attack.  It’s chest wall pain caused by inflamed cartilage where the ribs join the sternum.  Anyway, it gave DH the final answer about my ability to hike with him.

I keep telling him that I love nature walks, but inclines and I have never gotten along – since a very young age (around 10 – Dad was a hiker and tried to interest us).  I’m just glad that he finally sees how much I can and cannot handle.  We’ll find out if it makes a difference or if I’ll just need to make sure I always have a fully charged Kindle and a bag of needlework with me.

So on Saturday I woke up tired and sore, did a mountain of laundry, and DH proposed looking at shrubs/trees for the hedge we have planned.  Okay.  I hate the basketball and want the barrier up.  Never mind that I tried to get him to look at catalogs back in January.  We find something which will work in our zone, with partial sun, and is fairly fast growing, and then he wants to start work.  Okay.  The pants can wait for Sunday afternoon.  The garden is town down, sticks are picked up, the shed swept and grass seed spread in the lawn.  Mice had found the bag and chewed it so I wanted to use it instead of having it eaten.  The things I could do ran out so I went in and made dinner.  After dinner and showers for all of us, I took care of the Easter baskets and collapsed.  DH had wanted a breakfast casserole, but I barely had energy to brush my teeth and crawl into bed.

Sunday came and church takes a good deal of our day.  We went to MIL’s house after lunch and ended up being there all afternoon while DH delivered and set up her new computer.  Guess those pants will be made this week.  Only a week and a half before the competition!  Thank Heaven I’ve made tons of pants.

The laundry is now finished and waiting to be hung.  DD1 needs a ride soon to set up for the art show.  The list goes on.  Can I go to bed now?


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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