I Can Breathe (For Now)

The SAT is over and DD2 completed it.  Now, for 99.9% of the population, this is not a triumph, just another day in the life of a high school junior.  I was praying a lot from the time I dropped her off until I was on my way to pick her up.  She didn’t make it through the instructions for the PSAT.  Her sensory processing disorder comes with anxiety – big time.  The school called in February to see if we wanted to apply for special testing conditions, but DD2 did not wish it.  There are times when you can actually hear surprise and doubt over a silent phone line, and this was one of those times.

There was a second test yesterday (state mandate), which again was completed, and a third test (again for the state) next week.  I truthfully told my daughter that I don’t care what the score turns out to be for the SAT.  Life would be easier if it goes well, but the victory was in completion.

We’re actually on a streak of good news.

DD1 found out yesterday that she is graduating in the top ten percent of her class (over 300 kids), and has been invited to a special banquet.  We’ll be paying to eat (or pick at) what will most likely be poorly cooked chicken, but the food isn’t the point of the evening.

Today brought word that DD2 is invited to an awards ceremony at the high school which allows her to attend her veterinary class (at the county ISD/career center) and home school the remainder of the day.  Thankfully it’s the night after DD1’s ceremony, because I sure couldn’t choose between them.  This ceremony is followed by pizza.  Much more practical.  The fun thing will be to see DD1’s reaction to her sister getting the invite, because her nose was out of joint when the invite to the National Honor Society came.

I finished the dress I was making for DD2, so both girls now have a new dress for Easter Sunday.  That wasn’t the goal- they simply needed new dresses, but it’s nice when things work out this way.

We have a local Gardens with a greenhouse which fills with butterflies this time each year and I took DD2 during Spring Break.  DH went to take pictures last night and took her for a second visit.  His photography takes time, but I pointed out that she’d be happy to stay as long as he needed and he took her along.  The other two kids don’t get a thrill out of the butterflies, so they don’t care that this daughter goes every year.

I’ve got about two weeks to make a pair of pants for DD2 to wear at her competition for HOSA (student medical profession group – state level competition).  They need a pair of khaki’s, and the selection in the store was pitiful.  We found a couple, but the rise was indecently low.  I’m at the point where I tend to become angry when I need to shop for clothing for my girls.  They don’t want low cut or way open necklines.  They don’t want super low rise pants.  They don’t want tight fitting clothes.  They want to dress modestly.  Yes, my girls express this wish and often won’t even show me a top they’ve tried on if they aren’t comfortable with the neckline.  This is not simply me projecting on to them.  I don’t want to tell others what to wear, but I’d like to be able to find what we want too.

Okay, I’ll amend that a bit.  It frustrates me to have my son surrounded by revealing necklines and super tight pants because it will make it harder for him to keep his thoughts honorable.

Enough on that tangent.

The open house plans are coming along and the basement is filling with supplies.  I found a sugar cookie bar recipe and it’s been approved by DD1.  I told her I was going to buy a few extra pans and she sarcastically said that I could wash them.  I retorted that it will make preparing the large batches of rolls and cookie bars easier if I can have the pans lined up and oven ready.  Then she started talking about another cookie bar she’d like.  I put the brakes on that one.  There’s only so much I can realistically take on.  I’ll make the rolls at the front of the week and put them in the freezers at the church, since the open house will be there.  That means I’ll be making the cookie bars at the end of the week and that’s about as much as I can handle, considering the amount of people we need to plan for – I’ve been told to count on about 150.  I think I’m a bit relieved that we won’t be swamped with family on top of that.  We live three hours from the closest family, and we don’t expect many to come.

One thing at a time.  I think I’ll go back to being happy about the awards.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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