A Sigh of Relief

DD1 applied for a fifth state university over this past Christmas break.  The incentive was due to information gained that they give out generous scholarships for the right GPA and SAT score combination.  Last week we received the offer letter.  It’s two thirds of the cost of the year, and it’s renewable for a total of eight semesters.  They also, with the right IB test scores, accept more of DD1’s classes than the other schools applied to.

DD1 has yet to visit this campus (scheduled to go in two weeks), but she’s already embraced this as the final decision.  We won’t decline the other schools until after the visit, but none of us see a reason that this latest acceptance will be turned down.

We can finally afford college for DD1 without the prospect of her being saddled with mounds of debt when she graduates.  Our own financial goals won’t have to be sacrificed.  We won’t be carrying massive debt on our own shoulders.

The cost of public university in our state has quadrupled since DH and I graduated 25 years ago.  We were seriously sweating the prospect of $125,000 for college (teaching is a five year program at the top three schools in the running for DD1) just for one of our three kids.  DH set up a Go-Fund-Me, which apparently offended my husband’s uncle, who commented on the site that we could “well afford to put that kid through school”.  I’m glad he’s looked at our finances and done the math.  That’s a load off my back.  Need I mention that this same uncle has been in debt since well before I married into this family 23 years ago?

Anyway…we’re so immensely relieved.  DD1 is also planning on trying for a Resident Advisor position her second year, which would take care of the rest of the cost.  She’s elated and so are we.  Hopefully our son is paying attention since he starts high school next year.  I was starting to lose faith that good grades and hard work paid off.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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