Something Fun

My middle daughter (currently home schooled/attending a veterinary science class through a local high school) got a fun letter this week.  She was invited to apply for the National Honor Society.  Her older sister was nearly spluttering as if she couldn’t believe it.  She looks down on us from her lofty IB nose on occasion.  It turns out that while DD2 does indeed meet the requirements to apply today, she probably won’t next year as we’ll be home schooling all day again.  She wouldn’t know any of the other members and would miss all of the meeting announcements as well.  She’s keeping the letter.  It’s always fun to be asked to join in on things like that.

I went through the catalog of events for our local nature center and my son and I will be attending a foraging class March 1.  He’s thinking of a career along the outdoor lines and I’ve been keeping an eye out for something that puts him in the foreground.  He’s been overshadowed this year with DD1 being a senior and all of the scholarship competitions and college talk.  Also, DD2 has this vet class (very special and cool), is attending the state level of a competition in April, and is beginning the college visits.  Even if she chooses not to attend, we want her to have the experience and exposure.

Back to my son.  I also found a class in mid March where you learn how to identify sugar maples, how to tap, and the syrup making process.  I believe there was a bit more but can’t recall what it was.  Later that night, there’s a full moon prowl, which DD2 will probably want to be part of and which we may simply do as a full family.

We’ve had some unseasonably warm temperatures and DH and I went for a walk the other evening.  Our hospital has paved walking trails which run through a wooded area, so it wasn’t muddy, and the kids are old enough to be home alone.  I made the kids pancakes and grilled cheese (odd combination, but the griddle is on so why not), and we walked then went to dinner for a date.  It’s nice to walk by ourselves now and then as one of the kids will usually park by DH and the other two will vie to be by me.  At times they all run ahead loud and crazy and scare away any chance of seeing wildlife, other than chipmunks.

I’m dreaming about getting seeds in the ground.  I think I’ll try more in pots this year, but will need to form hardware cloth domes for the pots to keep birds and animals from stealing the seeds.  They’ve started to leave my peas in the garden alone, but you just never know what they’ll go after.  I tried planting asparagus a couple years ago, but the roots were dug up and eaten.

To crown off the week, I had a call from my best friend yesterday.  She lives about 5 hours away and we don’t see each other very often, but they may be moving back in about a year.  That would be wonderful, but I don’t want to get excited until it’s in the works.  Things can change.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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