The Drama Continues

The other night we were in the living room when we heard a loud BOOM!  We didn’t know if something blew up or some kind of crash had occurred.  We looked in the basement (thinking about the propane water heater), we looked in the garage, we looked out on the street.  Nothing.  The next morning we found out what it had been.

Apparently, every 8-10 years the spring on the garage door will snap.  This is a new situation to us, but the repair guy said he fixes about 200 of these a month.  We had a rough time getting the door open in the morning when everyone needed to leave for school.  Two of the kids were on time and the third was only five minutes late.  So much more could have gone wrong.

I tried discussing my efforts to prep for the SAT with DD2.  I’ve got practice tests for the PAST which have step by step answers.  We are going through the math problems, looking at them without the answers first.  The object is to become familiar with how the writers of the test think and to learn how to eliminate some answers to make a good guess when you need to, and just to become more comfortable with the whole thing.  DH went on a doom and gloom tirade and said he didn’t know why I was bothering to even encourage her to take the test.  She sealed her fate a long time ago, apparently.  It went on and on and on.

He had a long, frustrating day, and he loves his daughter, but I can’t take these discourses of hopelessness.  I’m the one who manages home school, gets her to and from her vet science class, helped her through driver ed (along with an awesome teacher), and I’m the one who is the first line of defense on pretty much everything thrown at her.

I get tired of being the cheerleader, but I can’t take the speeches of hopelessness from DH either.  I try not to bring things like this up but we talk a lot and they pop out now and then.  Sometimes I need my own cheerleader to point out what I’m doing that isn’t so awful.  Sometimes I need to hear that DH thinks the effort is worth it and that he sees progress too.

Do I think she’s going to do awesome on the SAT?  No.  She does quite well on the practice English sections, but is a slow reader and doesn’t finish.  That will hurt her.  She’ll have to complete the writing portion, which isn’t likely to go well because she has a bias against writing.  Math practice isn’t the best.  The point of taking this test (in her case) is to simply keep the door of options open as much as we can.

It’s possible that her sensory processing disorder will send major anxiety to her and flush the test down the crapper…then again it might not.

I’m tired.  I’m looking forward to DD1 being finished with her IB diploma and all of her complaining that comes with it.  I’m looking forward to not being directly responsible for DD2’s education (one and a half years).  I’m not wishing away my children’s time here at home, I’m just ready to be relieved of a couple of big responsibilities.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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