Wrapping Up

I finally finished the formal dress for DD1!  I finished it Friday night for the Saturday night party.  Close is still done, and she loved it.  There’s still a bunch of glitter all over the house to get cleaned.  There are a couple of tweaks that I could do on the dress to improve it, but I’m done.  It was like sewing two or three dresses in one.  For those who don’t sew, delicate fabric needs different treatment, and I chose to do a process called French seaming which encases the cut edge of the fabric, but requires you to sew each seam twice.  The top was lined, which meant making two tops, and the whole dress was overlaid with a sheer fabric, which adds a whole other dress.  This was also my first time installing an invisible zipper, and when I installed the special shank/foot on my machine, it didn’t fit properly so after stewing on it I ended up sewing the zipper in by hand.  Time was running short and so was my temper, so it was the best option at the time.

The Christmas cards with letters and pictures went out today.  That is always a big project, but I don’t like making phone calls, so this is how I keep all of the family up to date on the kids.  I had more pictures than the envelope could support without adding postage, so I’ll figure a different time/way to send the extra senior pictures out to relatives.

Since the dress is finished, it’s time to finish decorating the Christmas tree.  It currently only has lights and glass balls, so I’ll have to get the kid’s ornaments out for them to hang.  They’ve got a snow day today so there is time for them to do it, even though the girls are doing a bunch of school work (by choice).  Since the tree is artificial, we can leave it up a bit longer after Christmas if the kids want.

DD1 has been hit with a bunch of new, large projects from nearly every teacher, and DD2 has a HOSA competition the first week of January.  I don’t know exactly what each letter of HOSA stands for, just that it’s a student organization for health and health related professions.  She’ll be taking the test in medical terminology.

We’re waiting to hear from two scholarship competitions, and the news of what packages the schools can offer based on the FAFSA.  I don’t have high hopes, but if she can even get a work study, it would be good.  We were hearing about the super deluxe dining options and I told DH that I could do with the kids just having cafeterias with number of meals/week plans and see a huge reduction in the cost of room and board.  We survived.  They don’t need unlimited meals with the dining halls open until 10pm and special restaurants peppered across campus which are included in their plans.  It’s over the top, like many other things today.

It would be a good day to do some baking.  I haven’t begun the holiday baking, and the lunch boxes could use some poppyseed bread.  My kids aren’t big on sandwiches, but they do like breads.  This year, with being away from home all morning, I don’t have as much time or energy to even keep the homemade waffles in the freezer for breakfast.  I’m willing to drive and kill time for DD2 to have the opportunity for this veterinary class, but I’ll be thankful when it’s over as well.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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