Winter is Coming

We’ve had pretty mild weather for November, and that tends to make a person forget about the looming snow and freezing temperatures which are the norm for this time of year.  Yesterday a power line was taken down due to high winds.  That knocked power out for our corner of town.  Fortunately, the power was only out from around 10 am until 7:30 pm.  It could have been much worse.  It did, however, put power outages back into the front of my mind.

On the positive end, some LED lights which were recently purchased proved quite useful and bright.  Now I need to get another pack as the first three got assigned to use quickly.  DD1 had a lot of homework, which extended well into the dark hours.  A lantern which can be hung went on the shopping list.  I have a lantern which can be hand cranked or solar charged, but it isn’t bright enough for school work.  Today I got a battery powered camping lantern.  DD1  had strapped on a head lamp for help, and so I plan to pick a few more of those up as well.  One should go in the glove box of the car, even though we already have a small flash light.

Candle and match supplies are good, but the oil lamp chimneys need to be washed.  I was a bit worried that the dust would catch fire:)

Thinking ahead to the morning, I started to gather the non electric breakfast items.  In our house, that means Pop Tarts (kept for treats) and bottled juice.  I had to work to gather enough for the troops.  I know that these aren’t very nutritious, but the kids only eat them when the power is out or we’re on vacation.  Lunch options need a bit of replenishing as well.  I try to keep a couple of the non-refrigerated Hormel dinners for DH, and the ones I have are out of date.  I dropped the ball on that.  I find it useful to have a box of Caprisun or other packaged drinks for lunchboxes.  It comes in handy for field trips as well.

A few of the flashlights were getting dim, so I popped new batteries in.  Time to buy more batteries and check the rest of the flashlights.

It’s just good to get a gentle reminder to go over the emergency supplies.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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