Elections Have Consequences

I just commented on a blog post about the election results, and honestly I doubt that it will be approved.  Why won’t it?  Because I didn’t sympathize with the dismayed students who were crying “Not My President!”.

What I suggested is that this be turned to a learning opportunity.  After any given presidential election, about half of the country will be disappointed.  Whether your candidate was elected or not, the elected president still presides over all of America.

I suggested a look into other elections in which the winning candidate did not get the popular vote.  It does happen.

If students are upset that the electoral college vote and the popular vote don’t match, it’s an opportunity to study how the electoral college works and why it was set up the way it is.

New York City and Chicago pretty much rule their states.  Northern California’s voice is often drowned out by the lower portion of the state.  Detroit and Flint (liberal, union) often control Michigan, although the western and northern regions lean conservative.  Maybe we need to award electoral college votes a bit differently and split state votes into regions within the states (without carefully carving those regions).

Donald Trump was elected as our president, now we have to see what kind of President he will be, the same as if Clinton was elected.  The same thing we’ve done since we started voting in this country.

In the first few elections, the person with the second most votes became the vice president.  This could be another learning opportunity for students.  When did the system change and why?  Discuss the pros and cons of the original system and the one in place today.

President Obama once stated that elections have consequences, and they do.  Sometimes it means that the winds shift the way you want them to, and sometimes they shift the opposite way you want.  Our country tends to have a democrat in office for 8-12 years, then the republican party has the office for about the same length of time.

Especially in regards to the students of our country, who are future or new voters, make this a learning experience.  Take this reaction in a positive direction so these young people can make a peaceful difference in future elections.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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