Just the Girls

This morning, my girls and I headed to the craft stores.  We started at Michael’s and got canvases (70% off!) for DD1 to use for the IB art series.  She couldn’t believe the huge one she found for $10 – it might be five feet long by two feet.  She’s excited over those.  DD2 found coloring books – the adult calm color ones – for a little less than half price, so we tucked two away for Christmas.

The we stopped at Hobby Lobby where DD1 purchased wire (chain mail) and pearl beads.  DD2 was going to purchase quilling supplies, but found a sequin pillow on our way out and switched her plan.  What a sensory find.

I shopped for items for decorating the front porch at Christmas.  DH wants the house done up this year so we don’t look like “the Grinch house” again.  I have put lights out in past years, but am not a fan of the extension cord becoming encased in ice as we often get some rain or melt during the time the lights are up.  I put lights on the swing set for several years so that we could enjoy them, not just the neighbors (our living room is in the back of the house).  So, to avoid the cord issue I plan to do the front porch this year.

My star lights will go across the front of the porch with a regular string running across the top.  The stars each hang down from the main cord.  Then I’m going to create trees with bamboo garden stakes in my flower pots and spiral lights up those.  For daytime interest, I purchased plastic ornaments for the bamboo “trees”, and am hoping the dollar store has acryllic snowflakes again this year.

While at Hobby Lobby we found they actually have a small section of tatting supplies and put together a set of things for DD2 for Christmas.  DD1 found disco ball ornaments that are now set aside for her.  DH commented that it takes the surprise out, but the kids actually like getting to pick some of their gifts out.  For me, it’s a way to say yes to some of their wants that I might otherwise say no to.  Sometimes I say no, but go back later to stash the item unbeknownst.

The guys were starting to wonder if we were ever coming home, but it was nice to putz through the stores without wondering how bored they might be.  It was a good day.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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