And They’re Off

DD1 was already hit with a pile of homework last night, and the other two had none.  That doesn’t always sit well with DD1, but she chose the International Baccalaureate route.  She told me that she’s the only one in her school doing IB by her own choice…not that she’s shared that fact with her fellow students.  The others were either flat out told to do it by their parents, or had heavy expectations to do so because an older sibling did.  DH and I tried to talk our daughter out of it.  We ask that the kids take the hardest classes that they are capable of, but the IB degree is full of stuff I don’t truly see as a benefit to a high school degree unless you know you’re headed for international business.

For one thing, I don’t agree with requiring a student to do volunteer work.  That’s artificial and false.  A desire to volunteer should come out of an individual’s heart unless the work is assigned to make amends for wrong doing.  It’s also not the school’s place to shape my child’s moral standards.  That is my job as their parent, and even for those parents who don’t give a crap about their kids (and some parents don’t), it’s still not the school’s job.  Diversity is supposed to be what the schools are all about these days, and I’d like to see kids shaped by their own parents, which will have the influence of a variety of different cultures, belief systems, etc.  I don’t want to see every student be a carbon copy of their neighbor.

Also, there’s a dump truck full of extra work involved with attaining an IB degree.  My daughter spent time more days than not working on her big paper over the summer, and she’s doing an art focus, so she worked on her sketchbook a lot as well.  That doesn’t mean simply drawing – there is citing of sources and all kinds of rigamarole that goes along with each sketch.

As I said earlier, DH and I tried to talk her out of this route, but it was her choice.

DD2 is settling into her vet science class.  She’s getting to know a couple of the girls, which had given her a bit of trepidation.  The teacher moves at a good pace, which is difficult for DD2 to catch up to, but I pointed out that with her driver ed class she had the same complaint and adjusted to the teacher’s pace within a few days.  They discussed several projects which will be completed through the year, which overwhelmed her.  I pointed out that they’ll come one at a time and all of the details will be discussed as each project is assigned.  She’s nervous about their current project as they need to present it to the class.  One day at a time.

My plan had been to sit in the school’s lobby while waiting for her, but apparently that isn’t going to happen due to school insurance or some such reason.  So today I checked out the grocery store I’ll be using for the next nine months, and then found a hotel lobby to sit in.  I’ll need to get a bit creative and may end up driving home now and then.  It just seems such a waste of time and gas to spend an extra hour on the road in order to have an hour and a half at home.

My youngest was bugging his sisters again yesterday.  They are ready for him to get some homework!  It will likely begin tonight.  Math doesn’t give a lot of days off of homework, but it probably won’t take long to complete.

Life could be a lot worse.


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