A Fun Family Day Out

Yesterday was awesome.  We’ve been trying to get to a state park’s annual event for three years now, and something keeps coming up to block us from going.  One year it was a horrible migraine, one year it was working our shift at the fair, and this time rain tried to stop us.  Radar did not look good, and there was a strong chance of thunderstorms.  DH called the park and found out the the events had tents, so we rolled the dice and went.

We were in rain a good share of the time, but not overly heavy rain.  My son got to see a number of blacksmiths in action and used a two man saw with his sisters.  My middle daughter learned how to tat, and I saw a demonstration on how to use my drop spindle.  My oldest got excited about a booth filled with fabric (over cording) bowls.  She spent a lot of time there, and eventually bought one for herself and convinced us to get one for her DH’s mom.  DD2 also became very interested in weaving.  The tradespeople were more than willing to teach as well as demonstrate, which increased the enjoyment for us.

We got home early enough for me to run to JoAnn Fabric to purchase a tatting shuttle and thread for DD2 to practice her new skill while it was fresh in her mind.  This morning I pulled out a very old craft book that my grandmother had owned for her to learn the terminology and new stitches.  I think it was printed in the 1930’s, and I’ve had to tape the cover together.  Maybe I’ll photocopy the pertinent pages for her to help preserve the original.

The day turned out so well that it really was a fresh reminder that sometimes you just need to take a chance.  The radar had been solid green with rain, and it was steady through the morning, but we knew that heading out and made up our minds to have a good time, even in the rain.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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