Tax Credit for Childcare

On this morning’s news, I heard that Trump vows to give full tax credit for childcare expenses.  This is an issue that has always hacked me off.

I am a stay at home mom.  I chose to give up my career in order to raise my own children.  Our bank account would be fatter if I had remained in the workforce, yet there is no tax credit for the childcare which I provide to my own children, regardless of the fact that it DOES still cost something.  Childcare costs the loss of income to our household just as much as it does to the home of the working mom.  It doesn’t show up on a balance sheet, but the loss is there.  DH and I knew the financial cost when we made our decision.

Why should a working mom be able to claim childcare expenses on her taxes?  It is a choice to be a working mother, just as it is a choice to stay home with your children.  I’m not putting one choice higher than the other.  I don’t presume to decide what’s right for another person.  The point is that working or not working is a choice for all of us.

Some homes are struggling financially.  It’s still a choice to be a working mom.  Have you trimmed your budget as much as possible and worked the numbers to see if the difference could be made up without an extra job?  (Cable TV is not a need, nor is a smart phone for each member of the house.)  Have you considered working from home?

We made a choice to home school one of our children to meet her needs when the school couldn’t.  It’s a choice, and I don’t submit the bill to the government to have the other taxpayers share the expenses for her educational materials.

A friend of ours was widowed when expecting her third child.  She holds a physics degree and has had some astonishing jobs in which she’d be doing quite well financially with.  She chose to stay home with her children.  You don’t pay for it (that baby is now 15).

All three of our children have needed braces.  You didn’t pay for it.

Our son had three and a half years of speech therapy.  You didn’t pay for it.

Two of our children needed occupational therapy.  You didn’t pay for it.

All three of our children wear glasses.  You don’t pay for it.

I haven’t worked for a paycheck in 17 and a half years.

Don’t bill me for your child care.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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