Trudging Along

There is a gigantic bag of clothes in the living room waiting to go to Salvation Army.  I got (forced) my son to go through his dresser with me and pull out outgrown/unwanted clothing.  He had a stack of things handed down from a family friend which he didn’t want, and I wasn’t going to argue.  We still need to go through the closet.  That’s happening today.  Being my youngest, he’s still growing, and based on his father’s height, could have another 8 or 9 inches yet to gain, even though he’s passed me by an inch already.  That big growth spurt is just lying in wait for the most inconvenient time.

The girls didn’t have as much to give up, but my oldest had several long sleeve shirts which were just too short in the sleeve.  Because you need better quality (and more expensive) clothing to solve the sleeve issue, I’ve waited for the girls to mostly stop growing before leaving the department stores for cold weather wear.  DD1 and I hopped onto Land’s End Clearance and found a few shirts to fill the void we created.  I made sure to point out the original prices along the way.  She needs to start paying attention to the cost of things as she’ll be doing more of her own shopping soon.  I’ve always had good luck with Land’s End as far as the sleeves not shrinking on me, and gave the girls some shirts from them (bought on clearance) last year for Christmas.  If you have “monkey” arms like we girls do, you understand how annoying the shrinking sleeve is.

Today I also need to go through the coat closet.  Ugh.  I can’t wait to finish this clean out.  It’s clearly needed, but I don’t enjoy it any more than the kids do.

This month is just so busy.  DD2 starts driver ed on Monday (4 days a week), DD1 is volunteering 3 days a week, eye appointments for two of the kiddos are coming up, session 2 driver ed for my eldest is coming up, and next week is Vacation Bible School.  My eldest helps with the two and three year olds (there because their parents are working), and my youngest still attends.  Our VBS has classes through 8th grade.  I’ll be glad when August rolls around.  Oh wait.  That’s when the fair comes, and all of the 4H business ( and busy ness!).  Isn’t summer supposed to be relaxing?

I’ve been told that the fair commitment for 4H really isn’t a big deal, but we are not a packed schedule kind of family, so yes it is.  The week before the fair is the club meeting where the kids clean the booth and get it ready.  Then on Saturday is judging.  Then we have to work two shifts at the fair, then there is 4H night when we get reduced price ride bands, then Sunday morning you need to pick up your projects at 8am and help tear the display down.   I won’t be sad when our 4H days are finished, but am glad that DD2 has had the experience.

DD1 sent off her first college application yesterday.  I told her that she ought to get one turned in each week until finished, going in order of importance.  DH was not happy that his alma mater did not receive their application yet, but reality is that it may not be where DD1 chooses to go.  We also need to wait and see what scholarship aid comes.  The first choice school has automatic scholarships based on SAT score and GPA.  We could end up with a quarter of the cost right there.  DH’s alma mater does not have automatic scholarships, and is a couple of thousand more per year.  DH would really like all three kiddos at the same school for ease of schedule, driving, visits, delivery/pick-up, etc., but that may not happen.  Why is that important to him?  One year after DD1 begins, DD2 enters the collegiate world.  DD2’s senior year will see our son enter the ranks.

Monday I also need to get DD2 and DS working on typing skills.  They’re really looking forward to that (eyes rolling).  It is so necessary, and I’ve tried explaining that all of the papers ahead of them will go that much quicker.  We’ll see how it goes.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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