Mother’s Day

For the first time that I can remember, I had a nice Mother’s Day.  That sounds cynical, but it’s true.  Normally, none of my children (or DH) acknowledge that it IS Mother’s Day, and the first person to wish me a happy day is at church.  This time, three of the four family members wished me a happy day.  That was good point number one.

Good point number two is that I decided to let the laundry go for the day and didn’t feel guilty about getting a touch behind.

Good point number three was when my son picked a vase full of violets for me.  They’re taking over my garden and need to be dug out, but I can still see their beauty and appreciate the gesture of a child picking them for me.  DD2 helped DS out once she realized what he was doing.

Good point number four was when my son got out some Fimo dough and made a duck for me.  He brought home a clay duck he’d made with extra time in art and I had told him how much I liked it.  He even put feet on the bottom of my duck, which I didn’t see at first because the duck is sitting on them.  It’s an adorable mallard and is now swimming across the fireplace mantle.

Good point number four was a nice chat with my Mom.  I had spoken to her the day before and hadn’t planned to keep her long,  (she tends to get annoyed if I call too often) but she was talkative and we had a good time.  We’ll take her out when we go zip lining, which had to be delayed since our vehicle got smashed and it was the only one big enough for all of us.

We never go out to eat on Mother’s Day because it’s too crazy.  I may or may not have a meal out with all of the running around for a replacement vehicle, but that ends tonight when we finish paying for and doing paperwork to take home a new (to us) van.  It’s been a huge burden and inconvenience to have to find something, but DH knows how much I hate looking at cars and did a lot of leg work on the internet.  He’s joked that he bought me a car for Mother’s Day.  Yippee.  I just need something that runs reliably and fits the family.

So yeah.  Finally a Mother’s Day that didn’t leave me feeling like a marginally appreciated maid.  I don’t need expensive gifts or everyone catering to my wishes – just a little thoughtfulness.


About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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One Response to Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Belated Mother’s day to you! Mother’s Day is pretty hit or miss but I’ve found that as the kids get older they do better. I love how you made a point to seek out the good things rather than focus on what was lacking in years past. I find that when I can find even the smallest thing to feel good about and focus on that, it helps with feeling gratitude.

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