Plugging Along

I looked through my lesson plans for DD2 and realized that there are only six weeks left of school.  Wow.  She’ll be finished before that, though.  I always let her work ahead at her own pace those last three weeks of school.  She just can’t brag to her public schooled siblings about finishing early.

I’m way behind in correcting.  We’ve had cold bug after cold bug enter this house.  I blame the high school.  (somewhat kidding here) My oldest and youngest have to wash their hands when they get home, but I don’t know what goes on at school.  The junior high has scalding hot water in the bathroom sinks – and I use the cold tap.  How many kids will wash their hands when it hurts to do so?  DH says it’s because their heat is by boiler system.  His workplace has the same issue.

DH has mostly finished the basement – it’s been in progress for about ten years – and now it’s clean and re-organize time.  The plastic shelving units were taken apart and washed and the contents are being wiped down to get rid of all the construction dust.  The kids came down and together we got rid of about 20 board games.  DH took them to Salvation Army and about had a melt down as the games for which all pieces were present and accounted for were chucked into a bin, boxes opening and pieces flying everywhere.  I donated a grocery sack of books to the library.  We could have a garage sale, but we really just want to get the stuff out as we go along.  The basement has been a wreck for so long.  DH still has a few trim boards to put up, but things are happening by sections: finish one area and get things moved back, then move to a new spot.  I look forward to having everything in its final place and having a functioning hang out room for the kids (as DD1 is finishing her junior year of high school).

I spent time in the garden over the weekend and my muscles are letting me know about it.  I really want produce!  DD1 likes the crackers with a ‘garden herb’ flavoring, and it hit me that I have a dehydrator.  We can turn veggies into powder, make our own crackers and throw the powder in the dough.  No one will be biting into a piece of vegetable and thereby get the textures of the veggies.  We have sensory issues which can make eating healthy foods a challenge – myself included.  I don’t buy many canned veggies because they’re just too mushy.  Tonight I’m going to be a bit adventurous and try baking seasoned green beans at a high temp for just about 5 minutes, like a do when I make a mix of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots.  It can heat the veg and brighten the color without losing the crunch, and I’m hoping to discover that green beans aren’t so bad.

I’ve been thinking about my sister a lot lately.  It’s going to be a rough Mother’s Day for mom, so I really want it to work out to go zip lining this weekend.  I doubt that I’ll be able to talk her into staying for Sunday, but if she at least spends part of the weekend with us it could help ease the emotions.  My eldest asked what I want to do for Mother’s Day, and I had to be honest and say I don’t know because I’m focused on our Moms.  I ought to call my BIL on Sunday, but I don’t know if I will.  He’s not one to spend time on the phone.  He always handed my over to sis pretty quickly, and sis and I didn’t call each other on a frequent basis.  We loved each other, but our personalities are at different ends of the spectrum and there was a five year gap between us which kept us from being close while growing up.

I’m glad my kids are close to each other.  They sometimes annoy each other and fight, but they also really enjoy spending time together.  They may never know what a gift they have.

College is on the horizon and it’s a little odd to think that one our chickadees will be flying off in a little over a year, followed by number two the next fall.  The flip side of that is that my laundry load will be dropping along with grocery needs and other household cares.  That kind of excites me.  The kids will be helping with laundry in the summer (not that they know it yet) so they’ll know what to do when on their own, but DD1 has so much homework during the school year that I don’t want to heap the chores on too thick.  She takes the hardest level of each class and spends the majority of her evenings cuddled up with textbooks.  Of course, my youngest will be moaning and groaning all summer as he already thinks I treat them like slaves (yes, he used that word to describe it) when they have to change their sheets, clean their bathroom (split into three jobs), and fold and put away their laundry all on Saturday.  I told him he was welcome to change his sheets on a different day, but that clearly was not the issue.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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