Minor Dramas

Currently we’re watching lettuce grow out of the cut end of a clump of leaf lettuce purchased from the grocery store.  I had seen that celery will regrow if you put the entire clump end into water, and we have now established that lettuce does it too.  It’s not relevant to any of our studies.  It’s just cool.

The end-of-year school activities have begun.  DD1 was inducted into the National Honor Society this week and this morning was the honor roll program.  The NHS ceremony was interesting from one point.  Inductees were sitting on a stage facing their parents, which put their knees at our eye level.  Fashion trends currently have most of the girls wearing short skirts.  One girl in particular has not learned how to sit while wearing a skirt.  My family worked very hard to look at the students’ eye level, just in case too much showed.  I did let the school know of our observation to prevent any unfortunate pictures or other embarrassments next year.   Please, please, please: teach your daughters how to sit in dresses and skirts!

Our son is loving throwing pottery.  Only one more session left, in which they’ll be glazing their creations.  DD2 and I have been recruited to come help as he made several pieces.  I haven’t seen them yet and am anxious to see how they came out, although the only thing that matters is that he enjoyed it and learned something new.

We’ve got a tentative date to take my mom zip lining.  We had wanted to take her for her birthday last fall, but she postponed it as my sister was on hospice at the time.  I’ve thought about trying it with her, but have decided to keep my feet on firm ground and be the historian.  DH and two of the kids love it and will zip with her.  DD1 is considering, but it’s not likely that she’ll go.

It’s the time of year where I’m planning the next school year.  I don’t have as much as usual to plan for next year as DD2 is taking the veterinary course, but I need to pick an algebra 2 package.  I think I’ve decided on Saxon but would love to be able to flip through a book first.  I like that a DVD is included with introductory lessons.

I’m working on the literature selections for both junior and senior year at once.  Junior year is world lit and senior year will either be world lit continued or just Brit. lit.  I’m reading new books now, loading things onto her Kindle, printing out the literature packets, etc.  She had to make a category in her Kindle of “Do not read” so she remembers to save those items for school.  I still have her read physical books, too, but a lot of the classical literature is in the public domain and free is awesome.

I recently made the mistake of observing that I was going to get to see my tulips this year (while looking out the window at the many developing buds).  Later that day I looked again and at least half had been chomped off.  I hate rabbits some days.

My garden fence had to be reinforced.  Our neighbors built a basketball court next to the property line last fall (cement pad complete with free throw markings), and those balls smash into my garden and roll across our yard on a near daily basis.  The garden fence takes direct hits from the balls and ball retrievers step over the fence rather than use the gate.  I’ve run a number of stakes through the fencing to strengthen it, and put posts along the planting beds to deflect balls away from the vegetables.  A volleyball net was strung along the top of the fence a week or two ago, but it doesn’t do too much.

A rude awakening is coming to the athletes, because the plan for 15 years has been to build a bonus room off of the living room, and a border of cedars needs to get started in order to provide some privacy.  The young cedars will be fenced to protect the developing shrubs, making access to our yard much less convenient (they cut a gate into their fence last fall).  We’re not starting a war.  We like these neighbors – just hate the basketball.  The shrubs were planned long before this family moved in.

What would life be without minor dramas?

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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