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The SAT is over, and now the long wait for the scores begins.  Scholarship money is on the line here, folks.  Not that I’ve put undue pressure on DD1 about it.  She knows it’s important and did practice tests on Kahn Academy’s web site here and there between the PSAT and the SAT.  She did her part and knows that all we expected was for her to do her best.  I’m just hopeful for substantial scholarship money.  State schools are $20,000-$25,000 per year and that’s a big chunk of change.  Private schools were around $15,000 a year when I was in school.  DH went to a state school and paid $25,000 for four years all together.  Prices have quadrupled in 24 years.  That’s outrageous.

Add to those prices the fact that DD2 will begin college one year after DD1, then DS begins three years after DD2.  At least I’ve learned how to shut down the alma mater requests for donations to scholarships.  All I have to do is bring up the fact that we have two high schoolers and the college student quickly ends the conversation.  I may have two in high school for the rest of my life:)

DD2 got caught up and even a day ahead in her school work, and God rewarded her with a beautiful day for the butterflies.  Clouds were predicted, even when I checked the weather while looking at a cloudless sky.  I had her keep doing schoolwork until it was time to go, just in case the clouds rolled in, but it was sunny as could be.  The butterflies are more active on sunny days, and I think they were rejoicing in the sun after a week or more of cloudy days.  Afterwards I took her to lunch, then we decided to go to the Amish stores.  I legitimately needed to go and the other two find the trip boring, while DD2 loves to go.  I made sure I emphasized that she earned this day out, having completed the day’s work and having started the next day’s.  She’s keeping a bit ahead now, waiting for the green light to finish the year on her schedule.  She knows that green light won’t come until June 1, but I certainly won’t discourage being a little ahead at this point in the year.

As mentioned in an earlier post, this time of year brings a slow down in some subjects as text books are finished.  Math, science, and English will remain the same until the end, but I don’t mind relaxing in geography (just a workbook now) and her electives.

DS is taking a unique after school activity starting today.  His middle school has a pottery wheel and a kiln, and about three times a year holds a pottery club.  Students who are interested put their names in, and if more students wish to participate than there are slots for, they draw names.  He enjoys art but feels that he’s not very good at it.  I’ve told him that as long as he’s enjoying it, he should continue with it no matter how he rates his skills.  We have a pottery studio outside of town where you can take classes and I would be willing to pay for a couple if he enjoys it.

There’s quite a bit of creativity in my mother’s clan.  My grandparents did ceramics, and my grandmother painted.  My cousin is an architect, needlework (all kinds) is all through the clan, and my kids have enjoyed art since they first knew what it was.  That doesn’t mean we’re grand master level, just that there’s a lot of creativity.  Teachers are all over both sides of  the family, and my father’s side is full of engineers as well.  It’s just an interesting (to me) observation.


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