Getting Back on Track

Spring Break flew by.  The college visits went well and DD1 seems to be a bit more comfortable with the whole deal.  She didn’t really know what to expect of college, and now she has a better image.  One of the schools we visited was just okay in her eyes, but she could qualify to compete for a full ride scholarship there.  Money talks, and whichever school offers the most money will likely win her attendance.  We’ve had a couple of schools call our daughter but one was out of our price range and super small (only two dorms), and the other on the other side of the country.  She needs to keep her GPA where it currently is, do well on the SAT, and beat enough other students out of the highest monetary awards.  No pressure.

I was pulling out fabric and patterns for new dresses for the girls when I found six quilt squares which I’d sewn together several years ago, intending to make a quilt for DD1.  She went through my scraps and pulled out several she liked and I cut pieces for six more squares.  Amazingly, four are already sewn and the other two are nearly there.  The first six are shades of purple and the new six are blues – mostly scraps from clothes made for the girls over the years.  I made a ton of cotton shorts, clam diggers, dresses, nightgowns and pjs for them.  The last three squares will be in green to keep the quilt in cool colors, but it’s going to be tough to find enough that goes together because we didn’t use a lot of green.  I want to get it pieced and ready to finish by fall so I can work on the hand stitching while waiting for DD2 at her vet science class.

The material for the dresses is washed and ironed and I’ll start cutting them out after the current six squares are together.  It feels as if the sewing mood is back and I need to encourage it to stick around so I can really go after my ‘to do’ list.  The problem is that I keep finding new things to add…especially now that I waste time on Pinterest!  It’s too much fun to see all of the projects.  The rationale is finding fair project ideas for DD2, but that’s become a bit of a ruse as we now have way more ideas than she’ll be able to execute between now and graduation.

Progress is also being made on the scrap afghan for my son.  I work on that while waiting for the girls at Bible study and for DD2 at her sewing class.  He may finally have the finished product in the fall.

DD2 is finishing the last of the make up assignments and has kept everything else current.  She finished her geography and astronomy text books so those subjects get to relax a little as the year winds down.  I found a geography workbook and she’ll be in that for the remainder of the year and astronomy goes to more constellation study, which is what she really wanted out of the subject.  I don’t think we’ll get through the Algebra or Chemistry texts, but we’ve also been using “teach yourself” books along side of the regular books to reinforce/clarify the topics.  Mostly, my goal is for her to get what’s been covered rather than rush through and understand only a small fraction of the material.

Of course there’s a ton of things which were supposed to get done over break and didn’t.  The only item that break took off of my list of normal work was home school, and we spent the majority of two days in school visits.  I may have mentioned before that I also have to fight my tendency towards laziness.  I’m perfectly content zoning out to tv or a good book.

Here’s to keeping the momentum going on finishing projects.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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