She Got In!

Word came that DD2 got a seat in the coveted veterinary program!  I’m so pleased for her!  It will be good for her in so many ways.  It will be a class room setting to help prepare for college.  She hasn’t been in a traditional classroom since 5th grade, and that was not a happy place for her.  It will be a classroom setting in her best and favorite subject, biology, which helps set her up for success.  She gets to learn the real life of a veterinarian which will help her to know if she truly wants to be a full vet (performing surgeries), if she’d rather have a supporting role, or if she wants to explore other careers with animals.  What an opportunity!  She may even earn some college credit in completing this course.  That depends on the college/university she attends.

The career center is about 25 minutes away, so practice driving hours will accumulate quickly.  It will be a bit of a pain to spend every morning there and I’ll need to figure out how that’s going to work, but this can be endured for nine months.  We’re also blessed with getting the morning session, which has the least interference with my other two children’s schedules.  I didn’t like the idea of not being home when my (then) 13 year old gets home, even though his high school sister would be there.

I’ve been making it a goal to work on old projects.  I’m taking my son’s patchwork afghan with me when I’m waiting for the girls at Bible Study and while I take DD2 to her sewing class.  I had the first three columns of the afghan sewn together last fall then took a break, so as long as I stick with it, he’ll be toasty next fall.  After the squares are all finished and sewn together I want to put a small border around the whole thing.  From there I don’t know if I’ll do my Bavarian crochet afghan (new stitch for me) or if I’ll turn my attention to learning to knit.  I want to make my own socks.  I’ve already got the yarn for both of these projects, so time will tell which gets done first.

My sewing stack is in desperate need.  Both the girls could use a new spring/summer dress, material is waiting to be cut and sewn for new pjs for myself, and the list goes on and on.  I just need to sit down and get started.  Once I start, I’ll have momentum to keep going for quite a while.  My eldest says she wants to learn to sew – plans to make her own wedding dress when that day comes – but hasn’t shown a desire to really get into it.  Maybe this summer.

A little voice in the back of my head is telling me to take the girls to Salvation Army and challenge them to find a piece of clothing to alter/add to to make it a one of a kind.  Another little voice tells me I’m crazy to want to supervise such a project.  The first voice then counters with the thought that they may have to live on a strict budget when they first start out, or even for their whole life, and that this would be a good exercise for them.  They’ve been in second hand stores enough to understand the value that can be found with some searching, so I know they won’t turn their noses up if they need to shop there.  We’re blessed to not have to shop that frugally, but I still respect my husband’s work enough to shop wisely.  My kids wouldn’t know a popular brand name if it bit them.  I have recently started shopping Land’s End for them as my girls have long arms which makes cheaper long sleeve clothing uncomfortable and they’ve stopped growing enough to invest a bit more.  This is when the clearance listings come into play.  Anyway, we’ll see if I listen to the voice of wisdom or take the lazy route.

My son’s conferences went well.  I got to sneak a peek at his art project and I’m so excited about it!  Seventh grade traditionally does a self portrait and his is looking great.  He was down on himself about it, claiming that his teacher had done a large portion of it, which doesn’t make sense – she was as excited as I was.  He’s a jealous soul constantly down on himself and I don’t know how to counter it.  I’ve tried several different approaches to get him to see things more positively.  I’ve been careful to give specific praise to my kids over the years, knowing that it means more.  I’m not free from giving general praise (that’s beautiful!  for example), I just try to be specific as often as possible.

Driver Ed classes need to be arranged.  DD2 will be starting this summer, and DD1 needs her second class and when that’s finished she gets to bump up a level in her permit.  So much to do.  Not to worry – I’ll keep running after it and never catching completely up:)

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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