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Word came today that the first hurdle has been cleared for DD2 to attend a local career center next year.  She’s been accepted to a school of choice with the caveat that the remainder of her day will be home schooled.  Now we’re waiting for the career center to finish its enrollment to find out if one of the coveted seats belongs to DD2 for next year.  I don’t mind that our own district wouldn’t host our daughter (allowing the home school situation).  The school of choice isn’t too far to go for the standardized testing and I’m just pleased that they’re open to our situation.

I need to start researching math packages for Algebra II.  I can teach it, but math wasn’t my absolute strongest area and I want to make sure that DD2 has a clear presentation of the material.  Physics will need a package as well, but if the career program comes through (veterinary studies) that won’t be needed for another year.  We’ve used Kahn Academy a bit for Chemistry and will probably use it in the future as well.  DD2 does well when multiple medias and styles of presentation are used, so even with a complete package I’ll no doubt continue to pull other resources into her studies.

DD1 has two college campus visits scheduled for spring break, which will be a good introduction for her.  Grandma will be spending time with the younger two to help the visits run smoothly and remain focused on DD1.  They’re old enough to be alone, but we’ll be on the other side of the state for one of the visits, so it’ll take the whole day.

Conferences are tonight for our son.  I skipped DD1’s, as I have done since she left elementary school.  Daily grades are posted on line, and she’s a good student.  I don’t want to spend a couple hours to see three teachers and hear, “She’s a delight to have in the class…”  She also tells us quite a bit about what’s happening in her classes.  Our son has spelling and writing issues, and those have also led to a bit of attitude at times.  We need to keep a closer eye on his school work, so I’ll stand in the lines and only have time for three teachers, and probably end up feeling sick by the end again.  His school is ridiculously hot.

Flowers are starting to poke out of the ground.  This is my favorite time of year for the garden because I like to walk around the house and find something new popping up.  I’ve got an order to place, but have been waiting for bronchitis to clear out so I can be understood on the phone.  We have a large area of garden which was full sun when I originally planted it, and now it’s full to partial shade.  I’ve planted some shade plants before this, but rabbits ate them as they came up, even though they’re supposed to be rodent/deer resistant.  That’s how it goes in gardening, though.  Sometimes it’s a grand success and sometimes it’s a grand flop.

I’m battling with feelings about my mom.  I had hoped that we might draw a little closer after my sister died.  Not that we’ve had a poor relationship, but sis and Mom had something pretty tight.  I’m at the point where I need to let go of the dream.  Mom is not going to call me to chat.  She calls when she needs to tell or ask something specific.  I was sick once and didn’t call her for three weeks.  The next time we talked you’d have thought we’d spoken a day or two previously.  She hadn’t noticed the passage of time.  She’s not going to come to visit more than once a year for Thanksgiving unless there’s a big reason (the kid’s graduations, for example – at least I think she’ll come for those).  She will continue to make the trek up state to see sis’s family.  She will continue to call my BIL.  I know with my head that none of this will change and I need to deal with it, but my heart still wants my mom to be closer.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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