Whirlwind of Activity

These past few weeks have been a bit of a blur.  There was an open house to attend for a local career center with the next night bringing a meeting for parents of incoming seniors and all of the stuff that has gone with those two things.

The career center visit was for my home schooled sophomore.  The center has a one year veterinary science program, which looks fantastic.  It’s taught by a veterinarian, and the kids have book work and hands on work.  They assist with surgeries and exams, and in general get a good look at the actual life of a veterinarian.  A vet degree is hard, intense, and at least 8 years to be a full vet, so this program is a wonderful resource to determine if it’s truly your path.  The hitch is that you have to go through a high school to take part.  Our local district would not allow her to go through them and remain home schooled for the remainder of the day, so I booked it over to a different school who is open to our situation.  We’ve applied for school of choice and also the career center and are now in wait mode.

The meeting for incoming seniors was eye opening and overwhelming.  Things have changed a bit since DH and I were in DD1’s shoes.  We’re still not sure how tuition will be met and DD1 is still not fired up to apply for scholarships.  I’ve found some which involve a short essay with a new contest each month.  I tried to get the girls working on these last year.  The prizes aren’t large, but everything helps.  She’s a passive child, which is frustrating when it comes to learning about schools and picking one, and doing her part to help pay for it.

I’ve started to think about things such as the graduation party and had DD1 write down the colors she’d like for bedding and towels for college so I can watch clearance racks.  I like to have an idea of what the plan is.  The graduation party brings a debate within myself as to whether we have two separate parties: one for church family and one for immediate family.  We can’t afford a full meal for the whole church and wanted to keep that more desserts with a few snacks thrown in, but if family actually comes (three hour drive), they ought to be given a meal.  Yes, grad parties are a church affair for our particular church.  We love to gather and socialize with one another.  We’ll see what we decide next spring.  Then the year following that we get to do it all over again for DD2!

We told our kids years ago that even if we had the money to pay completely for their education, we wouldn’t do it.  We saw too many kids who’s parents paid the whole bill and then the kids skipped classes or generally had a lazy attitude toward their studies.  We also won’t foot the bill for an entire wedding for similar reasons.  The kids need to understand how bills pile up, need to sweat a little about how to meet them, and as far as weddings go, need to figure out what is worth splurging on and what can be economized.

We’ve had four snow days starting with last Wednesday due to heavy snow dumps.  Yesterday we actually had school and DD2 was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  She gets snow days because her siblings are home, but the work is still there piling up.  So yesterday she was staring at four day’s worth of assignments.  Today she agreed to do her literature reading, and we’ll see that the other work gets up to date.  This month will see the butterflies come in to a local greenhouse and she loves to go but always has to be up to date in her work first.  It’s a good carrot to dangle.  (The other two kids don’t care to go, so we can do it as a field trip.)

I’m glad we had a normal routine day yesterday.  It’s funny, but one of our cats gets thrown off by lack of routine as well, and you could tell she was just loving life.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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