Tales of a High School Junior…

…from the high school junior’s mom.  Last Friday as our family was jockeying for a place at the sink to deposit dinner dishes, my eldest (the junior) casually says, “Oh Dad, I need help with the SAT registration.  It’s due today.”  DH and I both had a sharp “WHAT?” to reply to that.  A lecture followed, tears flowed, DH looked at the email from collegeboard.com and at the website.  Then we decided we needed more info before moving forward.  DD1 was unhappy and we didn’t see her the rest of the night.

After some information digging and a call to the school we found out that we’re fine.  The school is administering the test to all juniors during a school day, and we don’t have to do a thing to register and the state is paying for the test.  It would have been nice to know that before that email came.  The school is not the best at communication.

We’ve been trying to get DD1 to think about where she’d like to go to college.  It has to be a state school because even that tuition will be rough to try to meet (about $25,000 a year), even with scholarships.  (Oh please let there be scholarships!!)  Even with the limited number of state schools to consider, she’s done next to no thinking.  DH and I came up with a list of four schools for her four free SAT results, and amazingly that is now her short list of considerations!  We know her first choice (DH’s alma mater), and it’s no surprise as DH has been telling the kids since birth that they are going to that school.  My alma mater is a private school currently charging $40,000+ a year and way out of the running.  Too bad.  The kids could’ve been fourth generation.  (My dad taught there full time as of my junior year so I only had to pay room and board those last two years.)

Anyway, when I asked DD what her second choice was, the response was that she’d have to look at her list.  I replied that it couldn’t be much of a second choice if she couldn’t remember it without a list.  A bit snarky, but I’m frustrated.

What I’m really trying to do is to get this kid to start taking initiative in planning for her future.  She needs to at least act as if she cares.  She’s told us that she wants to teach high school English.  A young English teacher in our church asked her if she chose that path because of the subject or the kids.  DD’s reply was “the subject”.  Big mistake.  Her personality is not one which will survive high school students.  I grew up in the home of a high school/college teacher.  Dad taught full time at the high school then taught two classes at the college.  Dinner was as soon as he got home, then he graded papers/wrote tests and quizzes/recorded grades until 11:00pm every night.  He did nothing else on weeknights.

I grew up in an agricultural community where our graduating class was 80 students (8 additional students didn’t graduate.)  Less than a quarter of us went to college, two students were married, and at least 4 were vastly pregnant at graduation.  DD goes to school in a town filled with good students from highly educated homes.  We’re big enough to support two high school of equal caliber, and most people would laugh at the money “troubles” this district complains about.  She has always taken the highest level class available and is in the Internation Baccelaureate program.  She hasn’t ever seen a class full of students who don’t care, and doesn’t seem to truly get that those classes are what she’ll get at first.  You have to work your way up the ranks to get the advanced classes.

We’ve proposed that she volunteer to be an English teacher’s aide for summer school, and she likes the idea.  We’ve considered that students who will be there (resentful of being there, just trying to graduate).  She needs to see more of the job that she thinks she knows so well.  Growing up with a teacher for a Dad, teachers for many of my aunts and uncles, great aunts, a superintendent great aunt, and many gatherings hosted for the math department teachers at our home, then being a teacher myself, I knew the world I decided to enter.

DD1 is a good kid and a good student.  We’ll see what the next year and a half bring.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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