Odds and Ends

Saturday found me taking on a task that’s been waiting at least two years.  The girls outgrew their robes which I had made for them and they have been sitting in wait to be made over.  I’m trying to tackle my sewing stack, so I sat down for a long work session, pulled off the buttons and strung them together to await another project.  A wise lady on the internet pointed out that saving matching buttons together will save time down the road.  Once the buttons were preserved it was time to cut the (terry cloth) robes up.  I love my Swiffer but hate to pay for throw away cloths, so the day was spent turning the robes into washable Swiffer covers.  The two robes yielded 14, and would have given a couple more if I’d thought out the cutting a bit more.  Next up is a pair of pajamas for me.  You really don’t want the full list of projects in the queue.

The girls and I are battling cold number two.  My eldest still had cold number one when school resumed after Christmas break.  She was coughing by the end of the first week back and now it’s clear that she had picked up new germs.  DD2 has them now and I’m trying to stave them off, but have a sore throat in the evenings.  Yay!

DD2 is struggling with her school work – the sensory processing frustrations again.  There’s only so much I can do and honestly, some days her frustrations and their outward manifestations drive me crazy and I have no patience for her.  I have to give a little physical distance at those times so I don’t yell at her.  She probably feels that I’m shunning her.  How do I make it clear that she has the tools – she’s been working on this for six years – learning techniques and moving forward.  It seems as if it’s all stepping backward and I can’t place the net right behind her or she’ll never be ready to soar on her own.  Maybe she’s sensed that the net is moving and doesn’t like it.  I just need wisdom on how to guide her through her education and her sensory processing issues.

My son still struggles with spelling and handwriting, and math has been a bit of a roller coaster this year.  He’s not thrilled about it, but I’ve printed out a spelling workbook for him to do a page of each school night and I’m trying to help him with pre-algebra (he doesn’t truly want help).  He’s not too crazy about extra work, but I want him to start doing handwriting pages for me as well.  Part of me feels that he was let down a bit by his elementary school teachers in the area of spelling and handwriting.  I’m the one who discovered that there was an actual issue with spelling – not just lack of caring/laziness.  I’m not the one receiving continuing training in education.  Part of me whispers that I’m already home schooling one child, and if I have to provide all of this supplemental work why is this child in public school?  DH really wants the kids in public, though.  It was tough for him to admit that DD2 needed home school and if I wasn’t a teacher he wouldn’t have supported that decision.  Just keep pressing on and hope it helps.

My sewing really does threaten to topple on top of me.  I need chunks of time for it and by the evening I’m either a zombie or taking kids to Bible study or sewing.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not zombie like during those activities, just that I’m a zombie away from home.

Our family vacation is being planned.  As usual, the destination and most of what we’ll do is decided by DH.  I like our trips for the most part, but would really like to have hiking featured a lot less.  I’m all for nature walks, but inclines and I are not good friends.  Dad tried to get us into hiking as kids and I had a hard time with it even then.  It’s not unusual for us to have people pass us on the way up the mountain, then pass us again as they are returning and we’re still going up.  What’s really fun is when I need the family to stop for me, then as soon as I reach them they’re ready to continue and I have to remind them that I’ve had no rest and I’m the one who most needs it.

A couple of years ago we were about to head out for the biggest hike of the trip and DH FINALLY picked up on the fact that I wasn’t happy about it.  Sometimes it takes the equivalent of a ton of bricks to fall on his head.  I ended up in tears sharing how scared I was of the looming hike, and his response was that it was three miles shorter than the one he really wanted to do (it was still six miles with over 1500 feet of elevation change).  I guess that was supposed to make everything all right.   My stomach was so upset that it ended up cutting the hike down to a 3 mile round trip.  I don’t know how much of this upcoming trip is made up of hiking, but it sounds as if it’s at least half of the days.

I’d really like to get away by myself for a couple of days this summer doing something that I want to do.  I’ve joked with DH before that I’m planning to go away for a conference, but he just comes back with “Your employer doesn’t cover those.”  Ha ha ha.  He doesn’t understand why I have a hard time hearing about things such as him floating on an inner tube on a lazy river attached to the very nice hotel’s pool while at that very time I was on two hour’s sleep dealing with cutting a visit to my parents short to run a child (3 hour ride home) to the doctor, race to the medical supply office just before closing, then wait another hour to get medicine while the kids are becoming more and more cranky and hungry, then trying to bribe a two year old to keep a nebulizer in place for 20 or 30 minutes.  Huh.  Wonder why it’s so hard to hear about lazy rivers and complete relaxation.  That particular example was nearly ten years ago.

Last spring I ended up in the hospital for a weekend (nothing serious, just slow test results) and when I came home the counter held two full loads of dishes for the washer (empty when I left, still empty upon return), the fish hadn’t been fed – I don’t know how they were still alive, and the cat box hadn’t been scooped.  All I heard was excuses.  If it hadn’t made me so angry, I would have cried.

Well this ended up being a huge vent.  That was not intended.  Okay, let’s see what positives we can end with.  We’re able to take family vacations and see new parts of the country.  I am able to identify things my son needs academic help with and then proceed to help him.  DD2 is making progress in dealing with her sensory stuff, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.  DH doesn’t mean to be insensitive to me and over all our marriage is a good one.  That weekend in the hospital taught me a few things and next time there’ll be  a chore list.



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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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