After the Ball is Over

All of the gatherings are finished and the kids have finally gotten all of their gifts to their rooms.  Holiday treats still fill the counter.  MIL brought three kinds of cookies and two tins of hard rock candy and left all of it for us to finish.  We made sugar cookies and splurged for pistachios and cashews.  There are rolls left over from going to my mom’s.  Of course there was chocolate in the stockings and our newer tradition of a can of Pringles for each child.  They love having one all their own and I can understand that.  I watch for a good sale starting in September and they put in their flavor request.

The Star Wars game (Pictopia) went over well.  DH and I like it because it doesn’t last too long.  Our middle gets stressed easily and has only seen the movies once (she thought she was scared of them and would hide when the other two watched one of the movies) but she did as well as the other two.  They’ve had a blast with it.  DS also received a Star Wars trivia game and that one is hard.  It wants info that I didn’t even know existed.

Going to my mom’s was emotionally tough for me.  All I could think was, “She’s (my sister) supposed to be here”.  I haven’t called my BIL since the funeral because I just can’t seem to.  I found a little joke that sis would have loved, but didn’t take it because I would have been bawling thinking about her.  It was good to see everyone.  My youngest nephew was getting on my son’s nerves, as usual.  My nephew doesn’t seem to know when someone’s had enough teasing and my son can have a short fuse.  The nephews had a new game that all six could play and they had a good time with that.

When I’d hear Mom rattling around in the kitchen I’d go at least keep her company – there’s rarely anything she needs done.  I was a bit surprised to end up receiving a stern message about what ought to be happening in home school (my middle).  I don’t remember how we got on the topic, but it took me by surprise and I assured her that her concerns were already being addressed.  I wanted to tell her that I’m not blind and stupid, and remind her that college degree I have was for teaching of all things.  She’s never really been supportive of home school and now she can’t crab to my sister about it.  This probably won’t be the last stern talking to I receive.

You know, my dad came around to the home school idea and even admitted how much growth he had seen in DD2 (that was told to me just before he died – a precious thing to pass to DD2).  If the life-long public school teacher could put a stamp of approval on this decision, why couldn’t Mom?  She’s even defended the teacher’s actions (dragging DD2 down the hall by the arms when frozen in a sensory reaction).  I just need to get to the place where I can let her words roll off my back.

One of the things I gave Mom for Christmas was an envelope full of Christmas letters.  She’s recently commented (multiple times) that she doesn’t get my Christmas letter.  I told her she already knows everything in it, but apparently family will mention it to her and they’ll get the “I don’t get the letter” statement, so I photocopied every letter since I started saving them, which was a couple of years after starting to write them.  She knows she’ll get the letters each year now.

DH and the kids thought I was crazy, but after getting home Saturday I grabbed shopping bags and headed out.  Things were picked over pretty well, but I still got cards, the blankets which the kids take to the parties for the exchanges every year.  Blankets are apparently really popular in the low cost gift exchanges, and I’d rather pay $10 for 4 than $20!  I also picked up advent calendars for next year.  I didn’t get much candy because the Ghiradelli bark was long gone, and we really didn’t need anything else.

It was a good Christmas: lots of enjoyable visiting (despite the lecture), some family game time, grateful children.  We have ideas for the rest of the short break (crafts, cooking, etc.).  We’ll see what actually happens.  We may all end up so sugar over loaded that we just watch tv.  As long as we relax, it’s all good.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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