Wrapping Things Up

Yesterday finished the bi-annual dental cleanings for the kids.  Their appointments were all on different days, which was okay with me because they’re all in different school buildings so this way got them each back to school as quickly as possible.  My son was the last to go, and for some reason he had an awful time yesterday.  He doesn’t have full-out sensory processing disorder, but he does have sensory issues and they seem to have kicked up a few notches since last year.  He’s now 12, so I’m guessing that the increase is due to hormonal changes.  I haven’t been called back for one of my son’s appointments since he ran out of the hygienest’s chair several years ago.  I put the lead apron on him, rubbed his legs, and bribed him with a half hour of computer time if he cooperated thru the remainder of the appointment.

*Gasp*  How could I stoop to bribery?  Easy.  When an essential thing such as a dental cleaning is on the line and I know the problem is not just misbehavior, I don’t have a problem with it.  Also, I don’t have to use it often.

I’m worried that DD2 – who is home schooled – won’t finish her school work in time for Christmas break.  I gave her the green light two weeks ago to work at her own pace (rather than sticking with the day’s assignments) to start break as soon as she finished.  It’s been mostly sensory reaction days these past two weeks, which slows the work down tremendously.  She gets it into her head that she can’t do the work, then it follows that she can’t.  When she gets all twisted up with frustration, there isn’t much that she can do in her school work.  She read the last of her literature today, and that’s my go-to for when she’s frustrated.  She can curl up in a recliner (which usually draws a cat), lay down cuddled in blankets, etc., and it seems to help her come back into focus.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

DD2 checked several language books out of the library yesterday, and I told her I wanted her German and Latin assignments completed before she dove into those new languages to avoid confusion.  That worked to get those topics finished at least.  The problem is that what’s left is chemistry, algebra, and a literature packet (full of those conclusions, inferences, comparisons, and all the other open ended things that seize her up).

DD1 and I were discussing her next driver ed classes – here, you take the main starter class, then after a certain number of hours of drive time you take the second portion, which is two or three days.  We tried to get it finished in the summer but it didn’t work out.  There weren’t enough students for the session that worked for us.  The problem is that with her heavy load of school work, it looks as if the next set of classes will need to wait for summer.

Whether it’s due to grieving my sister, being on the verge of being sick, or something else, I can’t seem to get motivated to do those holiday things expected of ‘mom’.  After getting the main decorations up, I announced that I was finished.  Yesterday I made the hateful cookies that DH demands every year.  He started to say something when he saw them, but I told him I was close to burning the recipe so it was best to let it go.  One of my kids, describing Christmas traditions for a grade school class, cited one of ours was me making candy cane cookies while saying “I hate these cookies!  I hate these cookies!”  Why don’t I just not make them?  I skipped them last year and haven’t heard the end of it.  DH just doesn’t let those things go.  His mom started him on these demonic treats and she hates making them too.

It wasn’t too many years of family life before I realized how much the holidays really stink for moms.  We are expected to put out wonderful food, the house needs a good cleaning if we’re hosting, we’re usually the ones who wrap all of the kid’s gifts, decorating, and basically doing the majority of the work toward making the day special.  When is our holiday?  I think that’s why I like shopping on the 26th so much.  It’s time for me.  I’ve even tried to think of a way to be at the store by 6 am and be back home by 7am to leave for my mom’s house, but I have to be home to keep everyone else on track so we can leave early enough to have time to visit.

Oh well.  Right now I’ll focus on keeping up with grading DD2’s work, the baking to do before Christmas, figuring out what to take to Mom’s, helping DD1 make a snack for her party on Monday, oh…wait…I’m getting myself loaded down again.  Maybe I’ll just wait to go see Star Wars on Christmas Eve and let everything else get done (or not) as it comes along.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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