Back to School Ado

I’ve survived curriculum night!  (My parents never had to walk through my schedule, grumble grumble.)  The high school and junior high times were back to back, so I had to book it from the high school to the junior high and the only parking spaces left were pretty far away from the school.  I missed the opening of the night, but was in time for the class walk through.  It was hot and sticky, and the junior high has no air conditioning.  I managed to snag one spot by a fan and another by a window, but it was still awful.  My family had to eat chicken nuggets and Ore Ida’s as this whole thing started at 5:30 and didn’t end until 8:30.  Only five more years of this, and only one more year of two to sit through.  It could’ve been worse – if DD2 went to public school, DH would have had to walk one of the schedules, and he’d be complaining twice what I am.

We were getting all of the school supplies gathered and in the back packs yesterday morning and DD2 came down.  I was afraid she’d be a bit envious of the new supplies and all, but she actually said she was glad she didn’t have to worry about class changes and all the other things that go with public school.  DH and I always thought that the locker would be a frustration point for her between classes and were glad to avoid that, but it’s always reassuring to hear that she’s happy being home schooled.  It can be tricky having a mixed situation as we do.  Green eyes have been on both sides of this fence at various times.

Summer has simply flown by.  We’ve fit quite a bit in, but it doesn’t feel like it.  The kids would always like to have swum more and we didn’t do many craft projects.  The driving log still has a long way to go, but DD1 will be driving herself home from school every day.  She’s taking the optional 7th hour this year and the buses only run after 6th as that’s the regular ending for the day.  That will add up to 50 minutes a week, and if we can get in the habit of her driving us to and from church that will be another 30 minutes a week.  It won’t add up fast, but it will accumulate.

Yesterday I got pumpkin muffins baked for school lunches.  Today I need to make corn muffins.  Homemade breads and muffins are fairly cheap and are filling.  My crew isn’t big on sandwiches.  I’ll need to buy pumpkins this year to freeze more puree- I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is to do your own.  Banana bread is a favorite of both of my public schoolers, and I have bananas in the freezer waiting for use.  The kids always get 8oz jugs of apple juice for the first two days of school, then the containers are washed and used or their milk.  I’ve never found drink containers that I really liked, so this is our solution.  The containers go in the recycle bin at the end of the school year.  My home schooled child likes hot food at lunch, so it’s another example of how home school is better for her, and it’s given her the opportunity to learn to be comfortable with using the stove top.

DD1 cut out napkins from a remnant of one of her dresses, but needs to press the hems and finish them yet.  Her old napkins have been rapidly dying, but I’m not throwing the remainders of them out until she gets the new ones done.  It’s too bad they came up two years short of making the entire 1st thru senior year run.  She’s been wanting to learn how to sew, and this seemed like a good project to begin with.

Last week I did commit chunks of time to sewing (finally!) and got pjs made for DD2, a set of waterbed sheets put together from two flat sheets, and pajama repairs for DS and I.  The stack is still ready to topple, but I want to keep in the sewing mode and chip away at it.  I’ve been sewing for enough years that it goes fairly quickly if I can spend an afternoon or so on a project.

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