Still Swamped – Possibly Forever

August has been crazy.  My son had a three appointment journey to an expander, preparing for braces.  They tried it in his mouth and his first words were, “Take it out!”.  He’s 12 and when young went through three and a half years of speech therapy.  Guess what a metal box on the roof of your mouth does to your speech?  My oldest asked what the expander does, and all I could reply was “I really can’t think about it”.  He has a space between his front teeth after just one week, and I’m hopeful that this thing will be in for the shortest amount of time possible.

The fair is over!!  It’s a glorious day when the fair is finished for the year.  What a crazy week and a half.  DD2 had an item in the best of show judging this year, which was an exciting first.  We have bigger plans for next year and intend to actually win a rosette.  Her sewing teacher showed her how to do counter change smocking and now DD2 is hooked on hand stitching.  She has clearly stated that she does not wish to make clothing for next year.  Okay.  Hand stitching is even more of a lost art than machine sewing.  We bought her a book of embroidery stitches for her birthday and her teacher and I have several ideas for her to try.

Summer has flown and I feel as if so little has been accomplished.  My mental list of things to do has quite a few items which haven’t been touched.  Just keep swimming.  The kids have accepted the new chores fairly well.  I’ll need to add more soon, but will wait until they get settled in to school.  Supervising the learning of the chores took more time than I thought it would.  There are reasons that it’s taken me so long to get them involved in the home keeping.

My oldest and youngest got their school schedules yesterday and both are pleased with them.  Whew!  My youngest even has two classes with one of his oldest and best friends.  Last year they had one class for one semester together.  My oldest had some drama over getting her schedule to work and DH and I were ready to pull the plug on the IB diploma, which is the goal that was messing things up, but DD1 and her counselor put their heads together and teachers agreed to the plan so we’re okay.  I am not a fan of the International Baccalaureate program, and have told my daughter and the counselor so.  My daughter knows that I am a fan of her, however, and will support it as her goal.  It didn’t help that until we really pushed to know why she was doing this, all the reasoning we heard was “because”.  When all the entanglement came up, DH told her he wanted to hear a more specific reason or he may pull the plug. I have told DH that I will not be reminding DD1 of any of her volunteering requirements or any other extras that are required.  I’ve been clear to our daughter that she has chosen this degree and as such it is her responsibility to keep it on track.  That may sound harsh, but she’s pretty passive and if she really wants this I want her to work for it.

As if the fair, back to school meetings, orthodontic appointments, well checks, etc. weren’t enough to fill our days, we’re also dealing with the stress of my sister’s losing battle with breast cancer.  There are no more medications to try and she’s on hospice now.  We took a flying trip to see her in the middle of fair week (six hours away), and have tried to make it clear to the kids what is happening.  My middle continues to hope that she’ll beat the cancer, even though we’ve said everything as plain as we can.  I think it’s just too hard to accept, especially since my dad lost to cancer just two years ago.  It was not easy having my sister show me what I’m to have when she’s gone, but I understand that it was something she needed to say and do for her own sake.

We met at a park that our dad took us to every year when we were young.  My kids hadn’t been there before and it was a place which sis wanted to go one more time.  It was hot, but other than that it was an enjoyable day.  The next day was at sis’s house.  I had prepared the kids for that with a stern warning to not say anything about the housekeeping.  I’m not the best at housekeeping, but our home is fairly picked up.  I haven’t been to my sister’s home in 21 years, but knew that conditions had not changed from that time, as my parents kept me updated.  My cousin had spent the two days prior to our visit cleaning, and cleaning had been done to make room for the hospital bed in the living room and home health care workers to come and go easily.  Without going in to many details, my daughter was afraid to sit on the toilet, and the front door isn’t able to fully open so I don’t know how the hospital bed made it in the house.  The kids spent most of the visit in a pop-up camper in the yard with their cousins.

Life is uncertain.  I guess I shouldn’t let the busy-ness of daily life pull me down.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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