Feeling swamped

The Dark Sky park was a mixed bag.  We hadn’t taken the moon into consideration and it was so bright that it blocked a lot of stars.  We did see several satellites and a few meteorites.  DH played with his photography and got pictures of the moonlight on the lake as well as the Big Dipper.  Increasing the exposure time captured some of the stars’ motion.  Overall, we had a good time.  I was a bit disappointed because I had seen far more out at my parent’s house when we turned off the barn light.  I grew up in the country and there were only four houses on our road – with fields across from us and woods to one side and behind.  In the summer, the woods looked like nature’s Christmas tree with thousands of fire flies winking among the trees.  My parents weren’t rich, but I was spoiled in many non-monetary ways.

DH offered to take my mom zip lining for her birthday.  She’s talked about it for years, but my dad was a hiker, not a zipper.  Is that an appropriate term for it?   We’ll go with it.  She’ll be 75 this fall and is in good health, so why not do this now?  She’s excited about it.  Apparently she only has doing a zip line and learning how to ride a horse on her “bucket” list.  I told her she’s done well to have so few desires.  I think it’s good to have things you hope to do, but it can’t be healthy to have a huge list.  To me, that would just indicate a person who is unsatisfied with their life in general and that would be sad.

I’ve gotten absolutely none of my sewing done yet this summer.  Perhaps I was way too ambitious in what I thought I’d be able to accomplish.  Supervising the kids cleaning their bathroom will be fairly minimal now that they’ve got it down, but it’s been time consuming during the learning.  My son’s braces are being preceded by an expander which will take three appointments.  I was supposed to get a crown today, but the dentist wants it to be tweaked before putting it in, so the temp went back on and I have to wait two more weeks.  Then I got a call that he’s not happy with the bite register so I need to go back in tomorrow to have that redone.

Appointments are draining time away.  I used to think that there was only one block of time in the year filled with appointments.  Nope.  There are three or four and they all stretch to cover about two months each.  The day will come when I’m not in charge of the kids’ eye, dental, ortho, and doctor appointments any more.  I think I’ll be able to find something to do with all of that time.  I have many interests which I have no time for today.

Lesson plans are complete for everything through the first six weeks, and some subjects are set for the year.  Algebra and Chemistry will need to be a bit flexible for comprehension so I can’t go too far forward with those.  I know it sounds silly to want the whole year planned, but it makes me feel confident to have everything in order for my daughter – especially after I had gall bladder issues last fall which involved two endoscopies and a gall bladder removal.  It was a huge weight off of my shoulders to know that school was in order.  The previous year was my dad’s funeral.  This year could be my sister (not to be morbid but realistic).  Life throws a lot of curve balls and I don’t want my daughter’s education derailed by one.

DD2 and I have lots of projects planned for next year’s fair.  We didn’t get everything done this year that had been planned (no pattern there!), so some projects will go to next year.  My mom had made a 3D Christmas village in plastic canvas years ago, and the pattern book came to me.  DD2 wants to make one and I think it could take a best in show as it’s likely to be a unique entry.  We also never got her crochet sweater started, although we have the yarn.  Recently I bought a beading magazine and it has a bracelet pattern that suits this young lady to a t.  She loves it and can’t wait to get started.  One thing at a time.  This year’s fair is yet to be gotten through.  Six projects for judging, one which we’re hopeful will be put up for a best in show.

Deep breath and keep marching forward.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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  1. Ahh the farm wife’s mantra; keep moving forward! I have had a very busy summer as well and am feeling not at all prepared for harvest! But we will get through it, we always do!

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