DD2 got her school work all caught up yesterday! She’s had a few very sensory reactive weeks and it’s been like pulling teeth to get things done. The big incentive is that this time of year, there is a butterfly house open. She can’t go unless all of her school work is up to date, and it’s only open for one more week. The other two kids don’t care that DD2 goes yearly. She likes to spend an hour or more, while they’re done in 5-10 minutes. I take a book and sit on one of the benches while she takes her time. I’m so glad she buckled down and caught up because it would have been misery all around if she’d missed it. Now we have to cross our fingers for a sunny day (the butterflies will be more active).

These past few weeks have been just another affirmation that home school was the right choice to stay with for DD2. She can change subjects when frustrated without waiting for a bell, I can have her laying on the couch with a warm clay pack to do her reading when cramps hit (school would send her home, as bad as she gets with cramps), She can snack while doing her work (frequent snacks keep her body better regulated – lunch is small), and I can wait a couple of days for assignments when she’s struggling. Our high school cuts the grade in half the first day late.

I’ve been trying to think what class to offer at home school co-op next year, but can’t really get excited about it. This year has been frustrating. I understand that this is the one day a week the kids can interact in a ‘school’ setting, but I wish I could get a little more dedication. Some are faithful to their assigned work, others blow it off. I know these kids socially, which makes discipline different than if I were in a public school setting. My own child is included in this criticism. One of our main teachers may not be able to participate next year, and our administrator is not guaranteed either, both due to new jobs. The group has been shrinking, and for me it may actually be a relief if it’s not available.

I’ve already spoken to DD2 about the possibility and have assured her that we would still do things differently on Thursdays here at home. She chose geography for next year, but I also want to do an in-depth study of the Civil War. We covered the American Revolution deeply already, and both of these events were major shapers of our country. If co-op is in session next year, this will be my class, but they won’t get a whole lot out of it if they don’t do the assigned reading.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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