A Disney World Resort Review

We are home after having a wonderful time in Walt Disney World. These people are masters of creating an experience. This is the second time we’ve stayed in a Disney resort. The first was the All Star Music family suite (sleeps six, small kitchen area, two bath), and this time we went with Port Orleans Riverside. We made our choice based on being able to put five in the room and on the lower end of the price scale. After all, we go for the parks, not the hotel experience. The room is just a place to sleep. Plus, staying in the Disney resort adds several perks. This time around we relied on Disney’s transportation, and being a slower visitor time frame it worked out fine.

We were in Alligator Bayou, and the room fit the theme well. Being people who normally sleep with a fan, the ceiling fan was appreciated (not in all of the hotels – probably in this one to fit the theme). The bed which pulled down from the wall was clever, but it only had sheets so we had to specially request a blanket. That was odd to us as the room is made to sleep five, has the extra bed already built it, and we had booked five people in the room. There are drawers underneath the bed which would be perfect for storing that blanket.

Housekeeping let us down. We had five glasses the first night along with disposable cups by the coffee maker. We used all five glasses our first morning there, but only three were replaced. Okay – we used disposables the next day. They weren’t replaced either. We had returned to the room close to midnight after a long sore day at the Magic Kingdom and the last thing I wanted to do was to walk to the front desk. It’s a short hike and my feet were killing me. We probably would’ve just called if something else wasn’t there to report: housekeeping had left a used cleaning glove on my son’s suitcase. So I trekked down to the front desk at midnight, was given disposable cups and asked if I wanted someone to remove the glove. I replied that my son had already thrown it away. I was told this would be passed on to housekeeping, but the word “sorry” or anything close to it was never uttered.

Housekeeping never did take our glass number back up to five, nor did they replace any of the cups. They also moved my husband’s suitcase clear across the room. We stay very contained and picked up in hotels. We even put all of the used towels in a pile. There’s no need for anyone to have to move our things to clean, and when I briefly cleaned rooms for a hotel I was told that you only touch the customer’s items when you absolutely have to (they left something on the bed and you have to make it up), and when you have to move something to clean, you put it back when you finish the task.

Cups may seem like a small issue, but my family members (major sensory issues at play here) have to have cups for brushing their teeth, and it’s a standard thing that I don’t want to have to worry about when we’re only in the room to sleep a few hours then get up and do another park.

Another note as to how well housekeeping does their job: major dust was in the corner of the shelf near the bathroom sink, and an orange soap wrapper was left in the corner between the sink and the bathroom until I picked it up three days after I saw it (again – we make sure our trash gets into the cans, and I was the one unwrapping the soap. I purposely left it until the last day to see if housekeeping would do their job.

At the end of our stay, when we would normally decide how much of a tip we would be leaving, I instead left a note explaining why there was no monetary tip. Tips are for jobs done well. This person didn’t even meet the minimum requirements. Fortunately, we weren’t there for the hotel experience or the disappointment would have been much greater. Save your high expectations for the parks.

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