Waiting to Return to Normal

Now that all of the visits are over, the gifts unwrapped, and thank you’s being written, I’m ready to get back to normal. I am a creature of habit and it is throwing me in a tail spin to always have someone underfoot in the kitchen when I’m trying to fix a meal, take care of dishes, or when I was making up the treats. DD2 (our sensory child) is becoming irritated with having her siblings here all of the time. She spent the morning in my room listening to CD’s with the cats purring nearby, but still ended in a meltdown of frustration just a few moments ago.

DD1 is battling a cold that started with a day of fever (on Christmas Eve, no less), so she’s lounging all over the couches. DS spends a lot of time in the girls’ faces because he gets bored easily. We were invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve, but doubt we’ll go. With one child sick, the other two having warm foreheads off and on, and DD2 becoming easily upset, it just doesn’t seem like it would be the wisest choice. We do still plan to go see Night at the Museum 3, but haven’t picked a day.

The shopping on the 26th replenished most of the holiday consumables, plus items for the Easter baskets and chocolate for just plain treats. I also got each of the kids a Hershey kiss candy cane and an advent calendar of chocolates for next year. No, the Kisses do not turn white. They each got one this year from last year’s day-after shop and they’re fine. Some chocolates hold up better than others. I also got the blankets for the youth party gift exchanges, which are supposed to be $5 or less.

Since I write the Christmas lists up on the computer, I went back and deleted the items they received and next year I’ll see if they still want what’s left. That helps with birthdays as well. DS has some books on his list that he’ll still want next year. Two of my chicks are in love with the Michael Vey series, and I love that the series is clean! Interesting clean books are getting harder to find.

We need this week to get healthy – so many people around us are sick, too- and we need the time to relax. Let’s just hope we don’t end up with siblings killing each other due to too much relaxation!

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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