Holiday Progression

Holiday preparations are marching forward. All of the kids’ gifts are purchased and wrapped. DH got ideas for his mom and most of those are bought and wrapped. Baking remains, but that mostly has to wait for us to get to certain points in the calendar. The freezer is too full to get ahead right now. History has brought a terrible cold to me on Christmas or the day after. Last year I stocked up on easy to make foods and avoided the cold, so I’m trying that again this year. At this point, I just want to stay healthy through our choir program. It’s hard enough on a healthy throat.

Saturday the kids have been invited to their grandmother’s house to bake cookies. They’ll have a great time. The only draw back is that she plans to make four kinds of cookies. That’s right: four kinds not four dozen. She plans to send most of them home with us. DH tried to explain that we can’t take that many cookies, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Our freezer is full, so many of them could end up in the trash. That would be a shame, but they’ll still have fun baking together.

There are still two batches of cookies for me to make: DH’s favorite and mine. Those are tradition and I love to bake as well. Mine go stale fairly quickly, so we bake them on the 23rd and frost them on the 24th. I also need to bake the bread for Christmas morning – a sweet bread that my mom always made. My oldest already knows that the individual cakes she loves will be made in January due to the large number of sweets that have been around thus far.

DD2 finished her schoolwork by lunch today but we’ll keep up appearances for the other two siblings by starting tomorrow morning with a documentary. She loves to watch them anyway. There are so many resources available to home schoolers today. Who would’ve thought that Netflix would be one of those resources?

I also finished my home school work and can start break with all of the grading up to date. There is typing that I can do over break if the mood so leads, but it can also wait. I may want to be as lazy as possible, or maybe I’ll hole up and spend a few days sewing. Breaks are nice for me, too! This year is infinitely better with no driving kids to school, and very little driving to pick up. I’m loving it!

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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