Now You Tell Me!

Thanksgiving went well – quiet with just parents. The kids much preferred this meal to the traditional. Last night DH mentions that one of his co-workers had gotten their meal from Bob Evans, told me how much, that all of the timing was spelled out, and that maybe we should do that next year. I looked at him and said, “The kids will still hate it.” It turns out, he really wanted turkey. He made sure he was getting his Stove Top stuffing, but never said he really wanted turkey. I’m not spending $80 on a meal (the Bob Evans cost) that the kids hate. He can have turkey next year, but even he doesn’t like mashed potatoes, so that must be all he really missed.

Friday I holed up in my room and sewed all day. I got a cape made for my eldest to go with her Renaissance dress, and a good share of a dress made for DD2, which I finished on Saturday. The last time I made her a dress, it came out a bit tight so I measured her and followed the size the pattern gave for those measurements. Of course it swallowed her up. I adjusted it a bit and she loves it, but I see where it could be so much better. Two days of sewing was great – although Saturday was only about 1/3 sewing. There were a bunch of other chores to get done. Maybe over Christmas I can steal another day or two to get some of the stack tackled.

Two boxes of gifts came with grandparents, and my kids actually wanted them stowed out of sight. We have a cat who steals bows off of presents and chews them up, so presents don’t go under the tree until Christmas Eve, after the kids are in bed. They aren’t used to having to stare at packages for more than a few hours. Of course, the other cat pukes all over the tree skirt and we don’t want packages destroyed either. It should come as no surprise that as nice as it is to cuddle a kitty, DH and I are taking a break from cats when these two pass away.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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