Preparing for Winter

This past weekend was dry and even had some sun, so DH and I got stakes and burlap around our young apple trees and lilac tree, as well as adding a burlap wind break for my hydrangea which is partially protected by the house. None of these bloomed last year, and if this winter is similar to last year I don’t want to permanently damage the trees. I also added mulch to the bases of these as well as our magnolia tree. A few weeks ago I bought a bunch of bulbs (40% off) and put in crocuses and snake head fritillaria. I wasn’t going to add anything to the garden this year, but I’m a sucker. I know the squirrels will rearrange the crocuses a bit, but am hoping that I put enough in – 70 or so – that I’ll still have nice color in the spring. I love when the bits of green start poking up in March. I always have to walk around the house before coming in, even if I’m navigating through some snow. I’ve got plans for where to plant corn next year, but I’m not going to let DH in on it. My sun exposure is limited and I have to be a little creative. Last year I planted the corn too late and the frost got it. I want to harvest my popcorn next year! At least the kids got to see the immature ear and have a better idea of where that microwave bag began.

A few days this week I actually pulled my son into the kitchen to help with dinner. He learned about ‘making’ pasta, and was pretty pleased with his eleven year old self. This is an area in which I really need to work. I get into my routines of doing things and forget about pulling the kids in so they can learn. The side benefit of them learning would be them being able to make a simple meal of spaghetti when I’m sick. I also need to get back into typing up our favorite recipes and have a thin binder with them in easy reach of the kids. My mom never taught me to cook, but I do remember just getting in the kitchen and starting with some simple things on my own.

My middle has been knitting, and hasn’t been pulling it out every other row. I think this year she’ll actually finish her scarf! She’ll be able to enter it into the fair as she re-started it since August. We have a crochet pattern ready to go, but I told her we’ll wait until the scarf is finished. She’s been starting and ripping this scarf for two years now, and I think this is the time she’ll finish as she’s got about 16 inches done, and it’s consistent so far.

My oldest had been on a chain mail jewelry kick, but hasn’t touched it for a couple of months. She asked for a couple of pattern/how-to books for Christmas along with a bunch of colored wire, so I hope this is just a break, and not an indication that the infatuation is over. If it was infatuation, she’ll have a disappointing Christmas morning.

I need to start working on Christmas cards. I’ve been writing the letter which will go out to family, but along with cards to family, there are many cards for church family to prepare. Our church always puts up a huge box organized alphabetically for card exchange. I don’t do cards for everyone, but we’ve been here 14 years and know a lot of the families.

As always, I’m way behind with house cleaning, have laundry waiting for me, and have a sewing stack which hasn’t been touched for a while. Better go.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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