I feel like I’ve been eating and sleeping history, but I finished lesson plans for the entire history book, with extra articles pulled from the web. I also had to type up quizzes and tests from the teacher edition, but it’s done. My mom kind of scoffed at me for wanting to get all of this planning done now, but she doesn’t realize how much it saves me during the school year. The more I can get finished now, the better the school year will run. English is fully planned, and history is planned through Spring Break. Science is set until mid-October. German, oceanography, art, and half of vet studies are finished. The other half of vet studies is medical terminology, for which I need to retype a med term. workbook that my MIL used for a class. I do have it planned, at least. I may end up needing to plan Geometry as well since the co-op class may not be offered as was originally planned. Fortunately, I have a text book that my dad gave me. I also need to polish up the plans for the writing class I’m teaching at co-op. I have a sketch of what I’m covering, and assignments and handouts I want to use; I just need to get it ready for fall.

My middle, who is my home-schooled child, asked two weeks ago if we could start home school. I honestly told her I wasn’t ready. We’ll see if her tune changes when she actually has school work. I increase the pace/load a bit each year and she starts high school this fall. I’m hitting biology extra heavy (she’s been fore-warned) because science is her strong point and she wants to be a vet. The text has 39 chapters, and she knows that I plan to cover all of it. We’ll see how it goes.

My youngest still isn’t thrilled by the prospect of middle school. I’m going to watch the language arts fairly closely as that’s his weakest area. I know he’d like to be home schooled as well, and I’m torn. DH is only on board with home schooling the middle because of what the teacher did to her. I worry about my youngest, but in some ways he does quite well. He relates much easier to adults than to his peers, but that won’t be an issue forever.

My oldest got excited today as we talked about her and her sister learning how to make chain mail jewelry. She doesn’t often get excited about anything but glass classes, so she and I went to Michael’s and got a few supplies after downloading a few patterns off of the internet. DH made a chain mail shirt a few years ago, so he’s willing to show her how to make the rings. He had talked about making the girls some hand flowers a couple of years ago, but he really doesn’t have time.

My oldest just got back from a five day youth conference with our church. I woke her just shy of 11 am this morning. She had accepted a job taking care of the neighbors cats and needed to get over there to feed them. I hadn’t realized that activities would run until midnight every night. My kids have to turn the light out at 9:30, and they can still have a hard time getting up the next day. I don’t know if five days of sleep deprivation is worth it, but next year she knows we expect her to get a job, so it won’t be an issue.

There is so much on my to-do list that it feels as if I’ll never get through it. Once the lesson plans are ready, school will begin and I’ll need to grade, help the others with homework, and adjust plans. Once I finish sewing project a, b, and c, there will be projects d, e, and f to stare at me. Cleaning is never ending, and never caught up with. I suppose that four years from now, home school will be finished, unless the youngest joins my school. Four years from now, the girls won’t need many things made for them, and the youngest probably won’t want pjs anymore. There will come a time when I have more time to breathe and to get out in the garden again.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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1 Response to Exhausted

  1. eneslp says:

    I feel exhausted too. I am getting ready to send my oldest son off to college in two weeks. And, I am still preparing for my other three at home. Hang in there. We will survive.

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