Time Keeps on Slippin’

It feels like school just got out last week, and August is now around the corner.  I love summer for the lack of schedule, but it actually holds a bigger “to do” list for me than the school year does.  I may not be teaching home school, but I’m preparing lesson plans, the grade book, etc.  The house still needs the same amount of work, but the kids want to cook and bake.  This year we have driver ed and physical therapy.  There are also outings to the lake and other summer things.

Yesterday, I mainly worked on sewing a skirt for my oldest.  I’m not the biggest fan of pleats right now, probably because it’s my first time sewing them and the skirt is needed in about a week.  It’s also messing with my head that my daughter wants the back side of the material to be the right side.  It’s denim with a lot of silver running through it, but the back is silver with a hint of navy background.  She got that love of shiny material from my grandmother.

Today I worked on lesson plans and almost finished planning the year’s literature.  I’d gotten the language side of English planned before school got out, thankfully.  We have three and a half weeks at the end of the year without a lit. book.  I’ll have to think about what I want there.  We’ve hit the classics pretty heavily so far: Romeo and Juliet, the Odyssey, and Great Expectations (all part of the public school freshman year), plus Wuthering Heights, Robinson Crusoe, Fahrenheit 451, Our Town, The Time Machine, and The Outsiders.

My home schooled daughter asked if we could start school now.  I told her truthfully that I’m not ready.  I have gotten history and science planned into mid October, and English is almost done.  Most of her electives are planned.  I don’t grade the electives as she’s chosen art – I’ve no background to evaluate it, German – I don’t know it and she has a tutor, oceanography – she’ll be reading a college text, and veterinarian studies – designed to help her on a difficult career choice.

Why is she eager to start?  She’s bored.  Really?  She’s got a tub full of yarn and needles to use.  I bought books and materials for the kids to learn Chinese brush paint – they’ve used it once.  She has a loaded Kindle, shelves of books, and we’ve been to the library several times.  She has a bike and we’re on a cul-de-sac with many other kids.  I could go on, but won’t.  I guarantee I’ll hear a different tune when school does start.  Her work load is increasing as she’s starting high school.

My son is just as bad with the “bored” thing.  I’m not the kids’ cruise director, and they’re old enough to get paint and craft materials out for themselves.  They have loads of things to play with, create with, etc.  Yes, I do things with them, but not 24/7.  I can’t.  I have a stack of sewing that needs to be attended to as well as the lesson planning, cleaning, planning/cooking dinner, shuttling the oldest to driver ed, myself to PT, etc.

We started to go on a photography outing the other day but had to come home due to attitudes.  My son didn’t like that in order to wear the hat he wanted he’d need to put on sunscreen, so he went with the wide brimmed very grudgingly.  Then my middle pitched a ‘tude because she couldn’t find any books at the library – our stop just before the photography outing.  Summer is difficult for her and her sensory issues for many reasons, but this outburst was a throwback to former years and I just drove home, not explaining until we were in the garage.

To add to the craziness, I was talking with my mom recently when she suggested that she thinks my son may be slightly autistic.  Now, my son had severe speech issues and was evaluated at a quality therapy facility (speech, PT, and OT) where they also see many kids with autism.  They would have told me if they saw anything that would indicate a need to be screened for autism.  Why does Mom have this opinion?  My son doesn’t like change.  Strolling down memory lane, there was an awful lot of routine and sameness in the house, and I don’t hear Mom saying that she or Dad were/are autistic.  Dislike of change does not equal autism.

I don’t know why she was analyzing my son, other than I know she and my sister discuss my household and how things just aren’t run the right way.  Most notably, I shouldn’t be home schooling my middle child.  If I home schooled the others as well, I think I’d be able to hear their heads pop, and the closest one lives 3 hours away.

I’d better just focus on my huge to-do list and the enormously boring life my kids have to endure.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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