Crazy School Events and Other Stuff

My fifth grade son brought home a note about an upcoming event in their classroom next week.  Are you sitting down?  It’s a poetry tea party.  We’re supposed to send in a tea cup and saucer, place mat, knife, fork, and spoon.  This class is half boys.  The teacher has a son (freshman in high school), so she is aware of typical boy behavior.  Has she never seen the boys swinging their back packs around and into each other?  I’ve watched this and seen my son swinging his lunch box around on his way to the car.  Even if I had a tea cup, I wouldn’t trust it to go to school.  While they drink tea, and I hope it isn’t truly tea or my son will likely spit it across the room when he tastes it, they will be reading poetry.  Anyone else picturing a roomful of beatniks in black?  My son will take in a plastic cup and disposable silverware (he’s forgetful).  Maybe he’ll get a place mat.

If this isn’t the first time you’ve read my blog, you may remember that my son had a big field trip with a chartered bus.  They left 2 hours before the normal start of the school day, and returned a little more than an hour after the end of the school day.  When I asked DS what was his favorite part of the trip (to a museum and reenactment village), he replied, “The bus!!!”.  They watched a movie (Frozen) on the return trip, it had luggage compartments, air conditioning, etc.  I didn’t hear much about the actual destination, other than there was very little in the gift shop that he could purchase with the five dollars I sent.  That was money and time well spent.

My middle is finishing her school year.  Around June 1, I usually give her all of the assignments for the remainder of the year and let her finish at will, provided she doesn’t brag to her siblings or do a rush job.  She’s also been able to have several documentaries, which she loves and gets a lot out of.  These last few weeks have had major ups and downs.  It was definitely the right decision to have her finish high school through home school (she’s a freshman next year).  She’s come such a long way in managing her sensory processing disorder, but there’s a ways to go yet.  She still needs to be able to set math aside when she gets frustrated and go do a different assignment or do something physical for a few minutes to bring herself ‘back to center’.  The public school can’t allow that flexibility.

My son has cellulitis again.  He had two bad mosquito bites at the end of the school day yesterday, and this morning they were still swollen, angry red, and they have heat.  Fortunately, the doctor office was able to fit him in.  He’ll see the physician’s assistant, but she’s sharp and we like her as much as their regular doctor.  The main thing is to get him on antibiotics before this has a chance to set in too deeply.  The first time he had this happen, I didn’t even know that he had a bad bite, let alone knowing about cellulitis.  He got three shots that day and three more two days later when he went back for a check.  We’ve been pretty vigilant since that lesson.  Last summer his body fought a couple of runs of infection off, so I was hopeful that we were done.

Why don’t we soak him down with Deep Woods Off?  If he’s headed into the woods, or going to be outdoors for a long stretch of time we do.  I’ve still been bitten while sprayed, though, and I don’t want to douse him in chemicals every day.  He wears a mosquito repellant bracelet most school days.  When I have to spray him, he has to shower when he gets home.  For hiking, I bought mosquito netting designed to wear over your hat.

To end with a positive, there is a tiny cluster of grapes growing in my garden.  I would love more, but am happy with my one cluster for now.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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