Catching Up

I’ve been recently shown how much I’ve dropped the ball on teaching my children how to take care of a home.  An intestinal bug of some kind laid me flat for about a week and the house got nastier and nastier.  I pulled the kids in to help with dinner – stirring and such so I could sit down or run to the restroom.  The oldest two got pulled in for dishwasher duty.  Now the dishwasher is a job in the rotation and I’m newly motivated to teach the kids how to do housework.  None of it is hard, but it helps to have someone show you how to do it somewhere along the way.  Also, if I want it done my way I’d better be willing to walk them through it.

They’re all old enough to do the work.  I just have a hard time teaching the work, and then  giving over the control.

Being sick also gave me new empathy with a couple of people I know.  I always empathized, but this illness gave me a small concrete taste of their worlds.  I was trying to keep the house running, keep home school running, and get kids to and from public school while dodging the restroom and being so weak that walking up the stairs made my leg muscles shake.  That was piddle squat compared to a friend who dealt with massive kidney pain for four months while keeping a house going and working full time while awaiting surgery, then recovering.  That feeling of helplessness was not fun, but it was only a small bit of what someone I know is going through after a bad car accident in which multiple bones were broken and the recovery is still massive two months later.

God did not let me wallow in self pity, which I’m really really good at by the way, but rather turned the situation to show me how much I have to be thankful for.

This weekend I got hit with my first kidney stone.  It was not fun, but again I was reminded that it was good timing – Saturday morning when DH could take me to the ER and it also waited until after the Pine Wood Derby.  I would’ve felt awful if the stone had ruined his night.  We’re also blessed that the kids are old enough that we could head out the door and know they were okay for a short while until yet another blessing arrived – my mother-in-law who is now across town and willingly came to stay with the kids while I was at the doctor’s.

This entry is not about how great I am to be able to see the rosy side of everything.  I’m a good pessimist too and can throw a heavy duty pity party at the drop of a hat.  This entry is just a reminder that it’s okay to be a little bit of a Pollyanna and see the glads instead of the bads.  We’re never so full of knowledge that we can’t learn something, or see things from a different angle.  The more I practice seeing the positives in situations, the easier it becomes to find them.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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