Getting Back to Normal

We were out of town last week for my father’s funeral and all that goes with it.  Now it’s time to be getting everything back to the old routine.  Part of the trouble is that the routine wasn’t firmly in place yet.  Last week was only the second week of school.  My youngest is suddenly having anxiety about getting work done -obviously an outlet for emotion.  My middle is struggling to get caught up in her work.  I kept her with me Friday while the other two had returned home with DH so they could attend their schools.  The oldest is caught up with her school work and has been drawing things related to her grandpa, although she isn’t sharing the picture(s) at this time.

Laundry is finally caught up, and the cleaning is getting there.  Now I need my body to catch up.  I’m sleeping normally again but am very tired.  My digestive system needs to go back to normal soon!  I think Mom is way ahead of all of us.  She’s already cleaning her house and finding out that Dad had saved a lot of things which were broken.  Before I left her, she was enjoying watching the tv programs which she wanted to see – and the bonus was that Dad wasn’t talking through them and poking fun at them.

We’ll all heal.  It’s part of life and we’ve known this was coming for some time.  We saw him two weeks before he died and had a nice visit.  I also got to talk to him the morning he passed and told him I love him.  You can’t ask for more than that.

I need to get outside and take care of my gardens.  It’s just about time to pick our one lonely apple (just planted the trees last year).  We’ll make a big deal of that and slice it up for everyone to taste.  The black beans are harvested and we’re watching a lone cucumber grow.  I’d like to get a couple of ferns planted and need to plant a beautiful russet colored mum which my mother-in-law gave me.

It also hit me that I need to go through my material and find some for my daughter’s 4H sewing project (apron).  She missed the monthly meeting last week, so I don’t know if the classes are already rolling or not.  Either way, we need to get her materials around.  I want to use up some scraps with this project, and fortunately my daughter is okay with that.  She’ll still get to choose.  Her project last year, a fleece wrap, has a cotton border that came out of my scrap box.  The scraps need to be used, and there’s no sense buying new material if we can meet the need with what we already have.

Cub scouts also kicked off last week, and again, we missed it.  He’s got two sets of badge requirements to turn in, so we need to make sure that’s all set to go for the next meeting.  We intended to do more over the summer, but everyday things kept popping up.

We’ll just keep moving forward and eventually we’ll get where we’re headed.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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